About Conscious Creativity

Creativity isn’t the time to only “feel good” about doing something new and admiring the results. Conscious Creativity is creativity, from the heart that supports a Culture of Thinking
Feelling – Thinking – Action – Result

Conscious Creativity builds a bridge between the inner and external worlds, supporting life balance, unique abilities, and talents.
I and I, I and You, I and World, World in Me
Conscious Creativity supports harmonious communication between parents and children, and between multiage children.

We can share what we have. Conscious Creativity helps us to learn how to create the best that we can, the best for, and the best with, people. Conscious Creativity develops an ecology culture supporting a sustainable multinational society.

When you look around, all the best achievements humanity has created are based on Conscious Creativity. It is the foundation for the Culture that people from all nations have.

Conscious Creativity, based on human values in unity with nature, supports Beauty, Joy, Peace, and Love.

Beauty – creating Beauty by looking at the Beauty in your heart and the Beauty that is within everyone.
“We can see what our heart can see,” Origen of Alexandria.

– create with Joy, look with a smile from the heart, and support smiles from the heart of others.
“Joy in looking and comprehending is nature’s most beautiful gift,” Albert Einstein.

Peace – create for Peace, look for Peace in your heart, and support Peace in everyone.
“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other,” Mother Teresa.

Love – love what you are doing and support others to do with Love.
“Love is the cause of unity in all things,” Aristotle.

In our bi-weekly newsletter, we will share what we are creating supporting Conscious Creativity: new fairy tales, patterns, and technology for creating toys and handmade touch panels, home games, funny drawings, and articles. Welcome!

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