The evolutionary process is reflected in the ability of an organism to react to environmental influences and improve for the best outcomes. This foundation of Life and our human activities are also part of this process.

In fact, is, first of all, the balance of our world: “What is inside is outside”. Every one of us is unique and has our own inner world. This is why we can’t use ready-made recipes. But there are rules, like the rules on the road, and in construction 🙂 because everyone is part of the Universe.

We are People. We can positively influence our evolution by consciously developing our spheres of life based on human values that contribute to the development of the individual and society, in unity with nature. We can only share what we have and we can always improve what we have today.
Warm wishes, Olga Darya Verasen

Systemic coach, educator, and biologist.
Writer, screenwriter, and artist.


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