We provide training and seminars for personality development, life harmony, health care, and ecology culture based on over 20 years of scientistic and practical experience

Our target audience

Participants who want to improve:

– a balance of their personality life spheres and maintaining health
– a harmonious upbringing of children and the health of their family
– additional skills of the professional activity.

Training / practical course

During training, participants will learn techniques that are easy to perform in everyday life.

Each of the training is a separate part and it also is a module of the practical course. All modules include basic and additional parts for professionals in the sphere:
– Continuing adult education & HR department
– Children’s education and health care & family support activity
– Rehabilitation and restorative medicine & social service
– Nature, ecology culture, and healthy lifestyles.

Resources for harmonious growth and development.
Stress resistance and immunity: physical and mental public health

1 module
Unique growing and developing of harmonious collaboration skills

2 module
Improvement of life resources by developing the sensor system and feelings

3 module
Сonsciously developing life balance, and coordination of spheres of activity

4 module
Creativity to develop limitless thinking, unique abilities, and proactive position

5 module
Corporate and Home Design: Prismatic color for support health and life activity

6 module
The conscious development of neural connections in unity with Nature

Additional training – 7 module

The training helps to realize and share resources for harmonious growth and development and stress resistance and immunity. This module can be useful for professionals who work in HR resources, rehabilitation and restorative medicine, social and children spheres of activity.

Progressive technology of education and self-development

Practical course

Where can I find Happiness for my Child?

The course consists of thematic modules that follow one after the other in a specific sequence, helping to form the skills for creating harmonious conditions for child development and interaction in the family.
This course can be useful for parents and also for professionals who work in social and children spheres of activity.

Conscious harmonious parenting based on human family values in unity with Nature


Daily life-skills of consciousness: physical and mental public health

Family health, harmonious relationships, and raising children in unity with Nature

Early child education, creativity, health care, and ecology culture

Participants will have

Continuing Education Certificate
Participation Certificate

Where the programs can be used?
– Companies
– Adult education centers
Universities, Institutes
Children’s centers, kindergartens, schools
– Home schools, daycare
Medical rehabilitation
Health lifestyle centers
Visitor centers, museums, galleries

– Non-profit organizations.

Who can provide this program as a trainer?
– HR specialist
– Consultant, coach
– Educator
– Teacher, tutor
– Parents, nanny
– Doctors, nurses
– Trainer
– Specialist in ecology and wellness
– Volunteers.

The spheres of collaboration’s training & seminars

– literature
art, craft creativity

health nutrition
yoga, pilates


Program providers

Olga Verasen
Author, systemic coach, and trainer

Joff Cowan
Administrator and training facilitator

Systemic coach, educator, and biologist.
Programs and education courses author. Writer, screenwriter, and artist.
Member of the American Psychological Association
Expert, Teaching Trainer​ ECA, of the Professional Association of Professional Coaches in Europe, Germany

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