• Writer, screenwriter, artist, illustrator. Author of books for children and parents, film scripts, theater plays, TV programs. The author of the project “Books of Value for Family”. Member of The Children’s Writers Guild, USA.

  • Educator, coach, and ecologist. Over 20 years of experience of successfully interacting with children, parents, teachers and company employees. Certificate of Professional Compliance of the European Coaching Association. Winner of the International Ecological Award “EcoWorld”.

  • Business development, creative director Olga Verasen LLC.

  • Happy wife, mother of three, and grandmother. Residing in Charlotte, NC, USA.

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About my dream

In childhood, when I was hearing the question “What do you want to do when you grow up?” I answered, “I want to be a school teacher, write stories, draw, and create animation movies!”

My first story was about a rooster, who loved to get up early and was published in a magazine when I was 7 years old. The first performance I created was in my Mom’s kindergarten. The actors were 4 and 5 years old and I was 9 years of age.

I sewed dolls and made up stories for them. When I didn’t have money for paints and brushes, I learned to my own brushes and found colors from house painting supplies. When there was no time during the day, I wrote at night. Any scrap of paper became a drawing, notebooks at school turned into sketchbooks with notes.

After graduating from high school, I didn’t choose the professional path of a writer, screenwriter, and artist. Despite the choices that led me along different life roads, all my professional activity has been connected with children, parents, and the creativity of a writer and artist. I kept returning to my dream because I listened to my heart and followed it.

If we know “What” and “Why,” Life will answer “How” . . . My heart saved my dream which I continue to follow. If you ask me about my dream now, my answer will be connected with the harmonious development of children and sharing human values with books, paintings, and family movies.

I have in my heart an amazing happy child who loves Nature and can exclaim in wonder,  “Wow! That is so beautiful and so interesting!”  Of course, I have a lot of questions that start with “Why?” I also continue to be a student of happiness at the University of Life. My life story is dedicated to this.

My Gratitude

Happiness is not a destination, it is a journey. When we feel supported, we can create our best.
I am grateful to my amazing mother, who gave me unconditional love, helped me feel free in my heart and who gave me wise support in the raising of my children! 
I am grateful to my beloved husband Joff, who admires me with his wisdom and kind heart, and who supports me every day!
I am grateful for our big wonderful family who live in two hemispheres of our Earth and who always support each other!
I am grateful to my friends and partners for kindness, wisdom, and support!
I am grateful to you for your interest!  

With love, Olga  Verasen