Happy you are joining us on this page!
I get to write heartfelt works about  why Olga and I are developing our “Happy Home” project.

Olga has always imagined a happier world by working with children.  Innovative, holistic educating goes back several generations in her family.  Olga’s mom was a successful kindergarten teacher who understood how important it was to connect with the parents of kids in her class.

She began her connection with kids, before entering kindergarten, by helping her mother at school.  Throughout her career as a teacher, administrator, program developer, and trainer, Olga has observed what makes a happy family and has actively promoted activities, programs, workshops, and individual coaching to support happier families.  

I met Olga 5 years ago at the London Book Fair not long after, I asked her to marry me.  It is fair to say I have learned so much about the importance of listening to one’s heart from Olga.  We cannot expect happiness to come from a checklist, a self-help book, or indeed from the outside world.  Happiness comes from consciously deciding to be happy by acknowledging and cultivating our inner world based on fundamental positive human values.

Our mission is to imagine a happier world by offering resources to support Happy Homes.  These resources include:

  • Books
  • Paintings and Illustrations 
  • Creativity Activities
  • Parenting Resources

The foundation of those resources is the positive human values of respect, honesty, love, and gratitude in unity with nature.  Our active ingredient is creativity.
Olga shares rather than teaches.  We hope you find something that we offer that will support your happiness.

With love, Joff Cowan