Happy to meet you!

We are Olga Darya and Joffrey, wife, and husband, parents and grandparents. We also have professional experience and much more included in the word “Life”. We are from the United States with active positivity and curiosity to explore our wonderful World.
We believe that our Home – Earth is supported by each of us and by each Happy Home. This inspires us to develop conscious creativity resources to support talents, life harmony, and health for you.

Our activities
Publishing House
We create our books for children and adults and support other authors to create and publish their own books based on human values in unity with nature.

Art Gallery
We create paintings and illustrations based on the Sunlight technique. We also support prismatic color design.

Workshops and courses
We provide Conscious Creativity programs for children and adults to support talents, unique abilities, stress resistance, and communication skills.

Consulting and coaching
We support projects and help to improve the resources that everyone has.

Creativity resources for life harmony
We develop games and quests, stage play, creativity club, and much more for children and adults.

Non-profit activities
We create and support projects to support organizations and individuals in fields of activities:
additional children’s education, family activities, stress resistance, ecology and social responsibility, and humanitarian support.

The foundation of this activity is based on Olga’s experience in education, coaching, biology, and creativity over 20 years.
We go forward, improve what we have, and develop new. We believe that from drops, the ocean appears, creating the best as people, for people, and with people.
We are open to collaboration!

With love, Olga & Joff