Happy to meet you!

We are Olga Darya and Joffrey, wife and husband with personal, parents’, and grandparents’ wisdom, professional experience, and much more included in the word “Life”.

We are developing educational resources for our multicultural society, based on human and family values in unity with nature.

Olga Verasen LLC, based in North Carolina USA, draws upon over 20 years of Olga’s experience in creating resources that support unique abilities, talents, and life harmony.

Company activities:

Also, our non-profit activities include programs for children’s education, personality development, parenting and family, public health, ecology culture, social responsibility, and humanitarian support.

We continue to develop our activities including the Happy Home Studio – Creativity for all” project and will be pleased to hear from you!

We go forward: improve what we have, and develop new because we are happy to share with you the best of what we have. We are open to collaboration because we believe that together we can create the best for ourselves, with people, and for people.
With love, Olga & Joff