About the author

Writer, screenwriter, artist, educator. Happy wife, mother of three, and grandmother of two.
Olga and her husband, Joff, live in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Olga’s activity

Olga’s voice was formed by 50,000 adults and children interactions while developing her Heart-to-Heart philosophy.

“If we parents help our children learn how to consciously create their own life with peace and love in the hearts in unity with Nature, we give them the foundation for their happiness. Creating a happier world from the happy family is the motivation for everything that I do for you as an educator, coach, writer, artist.” – says Olga.

20 years of professional experience of interaction with children and parents, students and
teachers, and employees of companies from 15 countries. Author of 52 educations programs, creative workshops, art training programs to develop unique talents, ecology culture, and communication skills for children & parents.

Author of 8 and co-author of 2 books with over 30 fairy tales, novels, 2 theatre plays, 3
children’s TV programs, 6 family-friendly screenplays, and 4 screenplays for documentary
family-friendly films. Creator of 160 artworks for private collections in 10 countries.
Consultant to children’s centers on optimizing programs, activities, and room design.

Volunteer for projects on sustainable development of territories, children’s education,
children’s health, development of harmonious relations between children and parents from the year 2000 to the present.

Certificate of Professional Compliance from the European Coaching Association.
Award-winning international “Eco World” writer and educator, finalist of family-friendly
stage play and family TV Show international competitions. Member of The Children’s
Writers Guild, USA, International Screenwriters’ Association, and United Nations Volunteers.

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