When people ask me where I find my ideas I simply say. “In my heart is an amazing happy child who loves our Nature and can exclaim in wonder,  “Wow . . . that is so interesting!”  and of course I have a lot of questions that start with “Why?” 

All my activities support the raising of harmonious children and help families create a solid foundation for a successful and happy life based on the best human qualities and family values. My life story is dedicated to this!

  • Writer, screenwriter, artist, illustrator. Author of books for children and parents, theater plays, film scripts, TV programs. Laureate, diploma winner, nominee for international book competitions, scripts, family plays (Russia, Belarus, USA). The author of the project “Books of Value”. Member of the Association of Children’s Writers, USA; HeartMath Institute, USA.

  • Teacher, coach, biologist, ecologist. Certificate of the European Coaching Association. Laureate of the International Prize “Eco World” for the creation of educational programs for the development of a child’s personality. Over 20 years of experience of successfully interacting with children, parents, teachers and company employees in 15 countries. Founder of the Heart-to-Heart Family Academy.

  • Primary activity: harmonious development of personality, awareness in choosing the best feelings, and developing heart-to-heart interactions between children and parents. Feelings-Thought-Action-Result.

  • Reside in Vermont, USA.

Pedagogical and scientific activity

Writing and art

I am a happy wife, mother, and grandmother. I am also a student at Life University. Life story

My Thanks
Happiness is not a destination, it is a journey. and when we feel supported, we can create our best.
I am grateful to my amazing mother, who gave me unconditional love, helped me feel free in my heart and who gave me wise support in the raising of my children! 
I am grateful to my beloved husband Joff, who admires me with his wisdom and kind heart, and who supports me every day!
I am grateful for our big wonderful family who live in two hemispheres of our Earth and who always support each other!
I am grateful to my friends and partners for kindness, wisdom, and support!
I am grateful to you for your interest!  

With love, Olga  Verasen