• Supporting stress resistance and immunity through the conscious development of the sensory system and feelings. Conscious Creativity for Sustainable Development.
    • Resources for harmonious personality and community development.
    • Stress resistance and immunity: physical and mental public health.
    • Multicultural interaction and ecology culture.
    • Progressive technology education and development.
  • Resources
    Training, workshops, practical courses, education programs, and projects.
    Books, quests, games, art and design, stage and screenplays.

Cognitive psychology, Education psychology / member APA, American Psychological Association, the leading scientific and professional organization representing psychology in the United States
Membership certificate #C2103587812

Systemic coach / Expert, Coaching Instructor, Trainer​ (ECA), European Coaching Association, Professional Association of Professional Coaches in Europe, Germany
Licenses # 2021-LC-1056 Coaching Instructor, Trainer (ECA)
Licenses # 2017-LC-1056 Systemic coach Expert Level (ECA)
Licenses # 911-15-2 ECA Systemic coach (ECA)

  • Educator, Systemic Expert Coach, Coaching Instructor / Trainer, Consultant
    Olga is the author and presenter of over 50 education programs, creative workshops, and creative training programs to harmoniously develop unique talents and abilities, life balance, ecology culture, communication skills, and stress resistance for pre-schools, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, parents, colleges, ecology & education centers, and companies from 1st line employees to executive management groups.

    Olga’s current scientific and social activities are based on the Conscious Creativity concept and education program: Supporting stress resistance and immunity through the conscious development of the sensory system and feelings. Conscious Creativity for Sustainable Development”
    Social and research project
    Creativity project
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  • Writer, screenwriter
    Olga is the author of over 20 books in 10 languages with more than 30 fairy tales, a novel, 2 theatre plays, 3 children’s TV programs, 6 family-friendly screenplays, and 4 screenplays for documentary family-friendly films. Award-winning international “Eco World” writer and educator, finalist of family-friendly stage play and family TV Show international competitions.
    Member of the Children’s Writers Guild, USA,
    – Member of the International Screenwriter’s Association, USA

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  • Artist, illustrator
    Olga created over 180 artworks, and she is the author of over 40 art exhibitions. Over 50 of Olga’s artworks are in private collections in 10 countries in Europe, and North and South America.
    – Member of “MutualArt”, London, UK.

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  • Volunteer
    Olga and her husband Joff are authors and participants in volunteer projects on sustainable development, children’s education, children’s health, development of harmonious relations between children and parents, support for positive prismatic color interior design, and family book reading for schools, children centers, hospitals, non-profit organization activities.
    – Member of United Nations Volunteers.

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