Welcome! We create and support volunteer projects because we believe from daily small deeds we create big deals together—from small drops the ocean appears.
With love Olga and Joff

We support organizations and individuals in fields of activities:
– additional children’s education
– parenting and family
– public health
– ecology culture
– social responsibility
– humanitarian support

There are
– donation of fairy tales books: libraries, children’s centers, hospitals, social groups
– workshops for developing children’s & adults’ creativity
– workshops for support harmonies family
– workshops for the development of the balance of the sphere of life
– stress resistance art program and workshops
– workshops for developing ecology culture
– prismatic color design in the children’s centers and children’s area in the medical center

Some non-profit activities over the last years
2022 — Donating author’s copies of children’s books in English and Ukrainian languages to libraries, and non-profit organizations in the United Kingdom and Bulgaria
2021 — “Prismatic color for Design”, color wall design expertise, Atrium Health Levine Children’s center, Charlotte, NC, USA
2020-2021 — “Parenting resources: the harmonious raising of children in unity with nature” series of monthly articles, Atlanta, GA, USA
2020 — Donating author’s copies of children’s books for supporting positive feelings and harmony in unity with nature, Mecklenburg Library, consulting of children’s outdoor space and program non-profit organization “Wing Heaven”, Charlotte, NC, USA
2019 — Participation in the United Nations project “Better Life of Vietnam”, volunteer support design of the children’s project
2018-2017 — Donating art for wall design, donating children’s books, coloring art page templates for supporting positive feelings and life harmony in unity with nature, Medical Center of Vermont University, Sara Holbrook Community Center, Library, Burlington, Vermont, USA
2017-2018 — volunteer support “Art from the Heart” workshops, the children’s department, Medical Center of Vermont University BCA project, Burlington, Vermont, USA

Recent activity – 2022, 2023

“Unity with Peace”
supporting Ukrainian families

“Happy Home” book presentation
American Corner, Vlore Library

“Happy Home Studio – Creativity for all”
supporting sustainable development

Manuscript translation
to the English language


More about:
– fairy tale books
– training and seminars
– stress-resistance program
– self-regulation practice
– creativity workshops
– prismatic color design
– consulting

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