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A collection of 30 fairy tales for all ages of children. The heroes of this book support young readers’ unique personalities and talk about what is important simply.
This book gives warm feelings to adults and invites them, together with children, to the amazing bright world of Harmony and Beauty based on human and family values in unity with Nature. English & Ukrainian Editions.

Will be soon

This is a fairy tale story about an eastern boy, Ilmi, who follows his Way to find all the keys to the Oneness Circle to enter his Golden Palace and make the whole world happy. This story is about human and family values and also about a dream, happiness, peace, and creating a better world by listening to our hearts . . .

The first book in the Rainbow series. This series is made up of seven books, each with seven Magic Fairy Tales: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and Violet. The series includes 49 tales.
The heroes of these books talk about the important simply . . . They are happy to be friends for you and your family, to share their heroes and wisdom with you, and to help build a foundation for what fills our lives with happiness.
English & Russian Editions

A beautiful story about Happy Home where Fairy Tales live. This story helps parents instill kindness, generosity, attentiveness, gratitude, and other valuable qualities that form the foundation for their child’s happy life.

The tale of a little Snowflake who did not want to follow her friends in covering the Earth with a soft fluffy snow blanket. This story is about how important it is to be courageous in order to understand the new and about the ability to take care of others and unity.

This kind story tells about what is really important for a happy life and will be wise support for parents by helping to develop a child’s communication skills.