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Happy Home

“Happy Home” is the opening fairy tale of the multilanguage “Happy Home Fairy Tales”, a collection of 30 fairy tales for children and adults.
“In the morning, as soon as the first rays of the Sun appear, Fairy Tales gather together to be on their way. Happy Home carefully opens the door. Fairy Tales thank Happy Home for his warmth and care.”

This beautiful and wise story is about Happy Home, his inhabitants, neighbors, and all of us who live on our Earth.
Welcome to Happy Home, where Fairy Tales live!
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Happy Home Fairy Tales
for children and adults

This is a collection of 30 fairy tales for all ages of children.
Each adult was and is a child, and each child will be an adult. . . .
What do we share with each other, and what do we create together? We can create the best because we are People.
We have one Home—Earth.
We have one race—Human.
We have one power—Love. . . .
Our happier World is created by each of us.
I will be happy if this fairy tale book supports Peace in our Home.
With love, Olga

The book will soon be in the Polish language.

Golden Palace, Way of Ruler

10-year-old Eastern boy Ilmi follows his dream and searches for his Way to Golden Palace. However, Abir’s strange hatred and cruel revenge haunt him and his family, until. . . unexpectedly she helps Ilmi to find much more. . . .

I believe this story will support a bridge of mutual understanding between different generations and cultures. It helps us to understand more deeply that all children on our Earth are our children and that we adults are responsible for what we bring to the world of childhood and what children will create in the world of our Earth’s future.

I lived with my heroes: Ilmi, his family, friends, the villagers, and the other novel’s characters. They helped me to become wiser and have a deeper understanding of the beauty of our world and the wisdom of life.

This novel has an unusual form – that of a film script. It helps readers to become the creator of their own movies, developing their imagination and plunging them into the adventures of our heroes.
I have experience as a stage and screenwriter. Some projects are realized, and some wait for their own time. But if you asked me to choose only one of my stories as a movie, I would choose “Golden Palace, Way of Ruler”. . . .

I am happy to share this story with you. Welcome!
With love, Olga

More about the screenplay “Golden Palace, Way of Ruler”

English edition

Will be soon

English, German, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, and Belarusian Languages

The first Red book in the Rainbow series.
The heroes of these books talk about the important simply. . . . They are happy to be friends for you and your family, to share their heroes and wisdom with you, and to help build a foundation for what fills our lives with happiness.

With love, Olga.

The tale of a little Snowflake who did not want to follow her friends in covering the Earth with a soft fluffy snow blanket. This story is about how important it is to be courageous in order to understand the new and about the ability to take care of others and unity.

This kind story tells about what is really important for a happy life and will be wise support for parents by helping to develop a child’s communication skills.

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