“Happy Home” is the opening fairy tale of the “Happy Home Fairy Tales” collection of 30 fairy tales for children and adults. “In the morning, as soon as the first rays of the Sun appear, Fairy Tales gather together to be on their way. Happy Home carefully opens the door. Fairy Tales thank Happy Home for his warmth and care.”
This beautiful and wise story is about Happy Home, his inhabitants, neighbors, and about all of us who live on our Earth. . . .
Welcome to Happy Home, where Fairy Tales live!

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In our World, there is an amazing Home with big-eyed windows. . . . This Home is happy! Why? Probably because those who once built him looked at the World with happy eyes.

Happy Home is perched on a hill, nearby is a meadow, and a little further behind the lake begins the forest. He has many neighbors! They are very friendly!

When Spring comes, Happy Home loves to warm his walls in the Sun. He enjoys listening to bird songs and seeing the new leaves as they appear and grow on the trees.

When Summer comes, Happy Home loves to smell the scent of colorful flowers, watch the pretty Butterflies flitting in the meadow, and listen to Grasshopper play his little green violin.

Happy Home also loves Autumn. He is full of joy upon smelling the wonderful aroma of ripe apples. He loves to listen to raindrops drumming on his roof and watch the leaves on the trees change color.

When Winter comes, Happy Home loves to feel the frosty fresh air. He listens to the silence and watches as the white fluffy flakes of snow blanket everything.

In this Happy Home live Fairy Tales. . . . Yes, yes! Fairy Tales!
You will see Fairy Tales, where Beauty is. . . .
How beautiful they are! They look like marvelous, bright, singing birds. Their wings sparkle in the Sun with all the colors of the rainbow.
They are all so different: big and small, funny and serious. Fairy Tales appear at Happy Home every night and, as soon as the day begins, they fly away. Where? Where they are needed. . . .

Where are they from? Who knows? Happy Home also doesn’t know: they just are. Fairy Tales arrive, circling in from the Sky like colorful birds. Only their wings sparkle. . . .
Every evening Fairy Tales gather back at Happy Home. They descend to the porch carefully.
Happy Home greets Fairy Tales kindly and smiles thoughtfully remembering something deep within.

Happy Home treats Fairy Tales to warm, fragrant tea, fruit, and bread with delicious apple jam.
Happy Home keeps Fairy Tales warm and cozy. He takes care of them, and listens attentively: “What may be needed?”

Fairy Tales love Happy Home! They take care of him and share their amazing and kind stories about our World.
Happy Home loves to listen to them. Even the little Mice, who also live in Happy Home, and usually like to giggle and rustle, fall silent and listen. . . .

The Wind also loves to listen to Fairy Tales and sometimes plays a gentle melody in the chimney for all to enjoy.

When night comes, and large and small Stars appear in the Sky, gradually growing brighter and brighter, Happy Home carefully covers Fairy Tales in a soft, warm blanket.

When all are asleep, Happy Home loves to look at the amazing starry Sky, and then he asks the stars and Fluffy Cloud to give everyone under his roof magic happy dreams.

In the morning, as soon as the first rays of the Sun appear, Fairy Tales gather together to be on their way. . . .

Happy Home opens his door.
Fairy Tales thank his for his warmth. One by one, they spread their sparkling rainbow wings and rise into the big blue Sky. . . .
Happy Home does not know where they are flying and when they will be back. He just looks at the Sky with his big kind eyes and waits.

Happy Home greets Fairy Tales and, at the beginning of a new day, he sends them off to journey again. Fly Fairy Tales to the World! Gently and tenderly touching your wings to our hearts, supporting the light of Love all over our Earth. . . .