• When we live in a neutral and colorless space, we begin to be the same.

Sometimes we forget about “What” colors we have and “Why” we have them in our life. Sometimes we are busy and forget our unity with Nature. But we can always look around with a smile, feel the sun, and make better choices . . .

When we invite to our Home colorful positive artworks, we invite wisdom, beauty, and strength of life. They enhance our health through strengthening the immune system and support harmonious balance in our own inner world.

I never thought of myself as a career artist. I just love to paint and have always had paper, pencil, and color with me. I have studied from masters who resonate with my own experiences, and this has helped me find my own way. I am grateful to them for their example and inspiration. Step by step, more than 20 author exhibitions appeared, and now over 50 artworks are in Europe, North, and South American private collections.

In paintings and illustrations, I use a unique multilayer “sunlight” technique. Bright colors reflect light that supports the inner world’s harmony with life’s energy. I have studied the power of words and colors for many years as a biologist, educator, and artist. Love, and awareness of the value of human qualities, create the beauty of words and colors that carry special energy.

Create your bright “sunlight” Home Design. Especially for your child’s room! Let the power of word and color support light in your home! Creating your bright and colorful Home Design is especially important in your children’s room. Let the power of word and color support this light in your home! On these pages for you more than 100 paintings and illustrations.

Feel free and ask me any questions to support your Home Design efforts! I will be happy to share my thoughts. Welcome!
From my heart to your heart, Olga

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— New York Art Center, 7 Franklin Place, New York, USA
— MutualArt, 22-23 James Street, London, UK
— Artfinder, Bickenhall Street, W1U 6BP, London, UK