Hello! I am Olga Verasen.
Writer. Author-Researcher of the phenomenon of love and creativity.
Mother and grandma. The founder of the Academy of happy and successful parents.

I create kind books for a family’s story and connect children and parents with wisdom of the philosophy of interaction. As a result parents and children listen and speak from the heart to each other, creating own strategy for the development of a happy family.

Behind these words are over 20 years of interaction with over 50 000 children and parents, students, teachers, employees of companies from Belarus, Russia, Poland, Germany, Greece, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Finland, Sweden, USA. Two universities, training courses, an international coaching certificate, high school teacher, children’s creativity classes, director of children’s ecology program, etc.

I also have the amazing experience being a mother to three wonderful children. There is also the love of my mother, who helped create in my childhood a wonderful world in which there were no borders in a place where gaining freedom was very difficult.

I tell details on “My Story” page and on the “Professional Experience” page. But at the heart is my experience and joy of learning at the most important University called “Life”, where we are all eternal students and where each of us is always looking for answers to many important questions about raising our children.

How to create a happy family relationship and what does such a relationship mean?
How to help your children find their way in life, realize their talents and abilities and be happy?
How to create a wonderful family with strong family values and traditions?
These and many more questions like “How?”, “What?” And “Why?” Arise for each of us, as soon as we accept the title of the seemingly simple word, “Parent” …

I also had many such questions. I found many answers, found and mastered the amazing formula of Feeling-Emotion-Thought-Action-Result * and, I learned the most important language in the world – the language of the heart, which does not know time, boundaries and distances. It helped me understand how to raise happy children with my heart.

I continue to better understand this language that supports a deep and beautiful interaction of parents and children through their hearts. New questions, resulting in new answers continue because our life can always develop and improve as we raise our children …

I use this language of the heart, to build a solid foundation for happy family relationships through books, creativity workshops, and course programs.

I am happy to meet and share my experience with you. Welcome!

With love Olga Verasen

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