As the world evolves, we need a new look at the magic of the world, the sentience of what we, as humans, perceive to be non-sentient beings. Happy Home Fairy Tales offers precisely that opportunity to see that magic. In this time of war conflict and misery, this collection of 30 tales offers images of gentleness and caring. As humans destroy the natural world and each other, this book offers a way to see what is good and pure. 
Perhaps because we are in a situation where humans cannot see the humanity of their fellow creatures, it is time to look at the world as a whole, especially the natural world. It is time to see nature’s lived essence, its gentleness, and its cooperation. 
Natalie Kononenko
Kule Chair in Ukrainian Ethnography, Emerita
The University of Alberta, Canada

The story “Stone” is full of wisdom. It makes the reader go slowly, and it creates mental space for ways of thinking about the passage of time on a larger scale than is customary in stories written for children.
Ruth B. Bottingheimer
Research Professor
Department of English, Stony Brook New York, USA

Olga, thank you very much for your amazing tales!
I’m from Ukraine. A year ago, I came with my children, then the war was just beginning and it was scary. After 3 months, we returned home to Dad, but we brought with us the book you gave us
My daughter has grown up, she is now 4 years old and we have the great pleasure of enjoying your talent at home.
Thank you!
Margarita, Ukraine

2019 - USA
Family Wizard’s Workshops, South Burlington, Vermont, City Hall

My kids really like Olga’s books!  They ask me every night to read them a new story and enjoy it before bedtime. These stories are very kind, but most engaging are very beautiful and colorful illustrations. Thank you Olga for your wonderful books! We are eagerly waiting for new illustrated stories!!!
Ekaterina, gymnastic trainer, mother of two children, Indiana Trail, NC, USA

2018 - USA
Sarah Hornbrook Center, volunteer support: books for children and wall decoration in kindergarten, Burlington, Vermont, USA

We really liked the tale about the Bell. My daughters 3 and 5 years old listened with pleasure. The tale is warm and kind. Teaches us to enjoy life and every day. The illustration is also very tender, enveloping with care. Thanks to Olga for such a positive story!
Olga, manager, mother, Boston, MA, United States

I had the pleasure of experiencing Olga’s incredible artwork so much that I had her come to my property Draper Place and showcase her unbelievable talent. I recommend that you experience it and recognize her extraordinary talent.
Thomas Kimble, Concierge Director Draper Place Signature Homes, NC, USA

“Happy Home” art exhibition, Main Gallery, Burlington, Vermont, USA

Thank you, Olga Verasen, for the tales! Thank you for the good that you bring to the world. For wisdom in every word! After all, even as an adult, you come across seemingly simple things, but how to explain them to a child? How do teach human values through simple language? A fairy tale in which there is kindness. Thanks for the fairy tales!
Alesya, artist, manager, mother of two children, Chimki, Russia

A man needs a compass in order not to go astray. Musicians and chorus players need a tuning fork for accurate sound. What are the tales of Olga Verasen for? In order to enjoy reading. Fairy tales are beautifully written. They are spiritualized and full of kindness. This kindness is passed on to the reader. Therefore, the tales of Olga Verasen are a kind of tuning fork of kindness. These are the best tales that I know.
Castus, scientist, professor, father, grandfather, Minsk, Belarus

It still remains a mystery to me how this fragile, sweet, open-hearted woman around the world manages to talk about such important, global, universal things in a simple, understandable, and wise language! How to explain to the baby what is Good and Evil, Friendship and Fidelity, Sadness and Joy, Greed and Generosity? You will find all the answers in her book of fairy tales, traveling with her children through her pages. This journey will be remembered forever since all its roads pass through the Heart . . .
Gaya, teacher, mother, Odinsovo, Russia

Tales by Olga Verasen is a cozy corner in my heart. . . . You can read and re-read them, each time marveling at the wisdom of the author while finding answers to all vital questions. Amazingly subtle, she feels everything that surrounds us. Her fairy tales are warm. . . .
Valentina, mother, grandmother, Grodno, Belarus

I would appreciate it if you find the time to share some thoughts about fairy tale books, artworks, and other activities. Thank you!
With love, Olga