Dear Parents!
We have audio-recorded these tales for you and your family.
Let the heroes of fairy tales become your friends and helpers
in raising successful and happy children!
With love, Olga & Joff.

Written & Illustrated by Olga Verasen
Edited by Joffrey Cowan
Happy Home
About kindness, gratitude, and caring for each other.

Ladybug and Seven Spots
About mutual support, friendship, and desire to learn new

Little Fluffy Cloud
About diligence, responsibility, and generosity.

Grasshopper’s Violin
About talent, faith in your own strength, and mutual support.

Why do I need wings?
About the uniqueness, the possibilities, and the capacity to be easily offended by others.

Teddy Bear and Rain
About sympathy, mutual aid, and the gift of looking at the world with a smile.

Colorful World
About cooperation, the talent to see and create beauty.