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Magic Fairy Tales for children and parents

English Edition
For children from ages 3 +

The first book in the Rainbow series. This series is made up of seven books, each with seven Magic Fairy Tales: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and Violet. The series includes 49 tales.

Each book in the Rainbow series will feature kind and gentle Magic Fairy Tales with heroes from Nature. Each Fairy Tale is a fable that supports foundational human and family values.
The fairy tales of the first – Red book:
1. Happy Home
About kindness, gratitude, and caring for each other.
2. Ladybug and Seven Spots
About mutual support, friendship, and desire to learn new things.
3. Little Fluffy Cloud
About diligence, responsibility, and joy.
4. Grasshopper’s Violin
About talents, realizing one’s own ability, and kindness.
5. Why do I need Wings?
About the uniqueness, the possibilities, and the ability not to be offended by others.
6. Teddy Bear and Rain
About sympathy, mutual aid, and the ability to look at the world with a smile.
7. Colorful World
About friendship, talent, and the ability to see and create Beauty.

The heroes of these books talk about the important simply . . . They are happy to be friends for you and your family, to share their heroes and wisdom with you, and to help build a foundation for what fills our lives with happiness. The book can also support parents in their bedtime routine and will be a wonderful family gift.
Rainbow book series also will support the activities of teachers, educators, and employees of children’s and ecology centers.
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Book size 8.5 “X 11” (22.4cm X 29cm), color printing, hard glossy cover, 70 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9995779-6-7

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