I penned my first play in my Mom’s kindergarten . . .

The actors were 4 and 5 years old and I was 9 years of age. The play was a great success and soon our group of actors was invited to other kindergartens 🙂

But I never thought about writing plays for professional theater as I was always very busy. I studied at a second university, worked at a school and was raising my three children who were little, very active, and had many questions “Why?”

But one day, a theater director found and read a few of my fairy tales. He located my phone number and called me right away . . . He said, “Good morning! I wish you a wonderful day! I wish that you would take the time and write a few lines for a play.”

I was grumpy with him as he called every day, but somehow I did it. Three days later I gave him a manuscript and the director said. “I congratulate you! Today is the last day for submitting plays for the children’s play competition.” This play received the special “Angel” prize.

When I took my prize, one of the famous members of the jury asked me, “How did you do write this? I can’t believe that you have no education as a screenwriter! ” I answered, “I just wrote what my heart felt.”  He then said, “I hope your stories go to children and adults in many countries of the world”

So, I started writing . . .  Step by step, there were plays, scripts for film and children’s programs for TV. I don’t know how and when I found the time to write all of this.  But I think if we love what we do, we always find the time. And, the little girl, who always lives in me and looks at the world with admiring eyes, also helped me.

I want to share my dream with you . . . My dream is to see my fairy tales, and a special the novel “Golden Palace. Way of Ruler”, as films.

I have the first experience, results and warm words from many people to inspire me. If my stories support happiness for children & adults in our world, then I will be happy. This is my dream.

With love Olga Verasen

Screenplay – “Golden Palace, Way of Ruler”

Screenplay – Magic Formula and King Fear’s Palace of the Black Hall” 

Play for theather“Where do Fairy Tales Live?”

TV show – Happy Home”