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Cover Letter
Writing and art activity

Family, Television (half-hour) / Live-action – Papet-show & Creativity Workshops
Happy Home – Magic Fairy Tales for children and parents”

The heroes of these fairy tales talk about the important simply . . . They are happy to be friends for you and your family, to share their heroes and wisdom with you, and to help build the foundation in what fills our lives with happiness.

  • 2018 – Finalist – Awards: ScreenCraft team and BondIt Media Capital and Buffalo 8 Productions, USA;
  • 2019, 2020 -The Red List – best screenplays for Family, Television (half-hour), Coverfly, USA;
  • 2021 – The Red List – best screenplays for Family, TOP on Coverfly, USA.

Family, Television (half-hour) / Live-action – Papet-show
Happy Home”

Wise writer Jeffrey and his heroes know the secrets of Happy Home. As each Fairy Tale story unfolds, something happens that helps open the next secret of Happiness.

  • 2019, 2020 –The Red List – best screenplays for Family, Television (half-hour), Coverfly, USA.

Family, Television (half-hour) / Animated
“Adventures of Little Bird Why”

Little Bird Why has a lot of questions. In search of answers to them, many events happen that help her discover her own unique wonderful world.

  • 2020 — The Red List – best screenplays for Family, Television, (half-hour), Coverfly, USA.

Children & Family movie / Live-action – Animated
“King Fear, Black Hole, and Magic Formula”

A brother and sister embark on an amazing journey into the magical land of four fairies. But the ever-present assistant of the King of Fear follows them and realizes a sinister plan.

This adventure is a bright and sparkly story that comes from my life connections with thousands of children. They inspire my wisdom, humor, and to see much more that we adults see . . .

  • 2021 – TOP on Coverfly, USA.

Family, Television (one-hour) / Live-action – Animated
Planet Big Heart

Mathew and his friends Niki, Henry, and Sandra find a strange old book in Jerry-Astronomer’s home library which opens the way to a starry bridge. They meet Dragon Baby who helps them find a surprising answer to their urgent question . . .

Family, Stage Play
Where Fairy Tales live?” (for children and adults)

A middle-aged man goes back to his grandmother’s empty house looking for the Old Fairy Tale Book. But this book Is of interest to not only him . . .

  • 2018 – Finalist – Awards: ScreenCraft Stage Play Competition, USA;
  • 2019, 2020, 2021 – The Red List – best stage plays for Family, Coverfly, USA;
    2021 – TOP on Coverfly, USA.

Family, Feature / Live-action – Animated
Where Fairy Tales live?”

A successful business journalist’s idea causes laughter among his colleagues and a week of “rest” demand from his Boss. But his idea unexpectedly develops, thanks to the support of his family and two courageous mice.

Family Feature / Television (one-hour) / Live-action
“Golden Palace, Way of Ruler”

10-year-old Ilmi follows his dream and searches his Way to Golden Palace. However, Abir’s strange hatred and cruel revenge haunt him and his family, until. . . unexpectedly she helps Ilmi to find much more . . .

 This story also has two options:
– Feature, that was written with the highlights of the original story.
– Television (one-hour) option. This script was written as 11 episodes. However many more episodes can be added because there are many heroes in this story and each of them has their own rich story that can be further developed.

  • 2019, 2020 – The Red List – best screenplays for Family, Television (one-hour), Coverfly, 2019, 2020, USA.

I was asked to choose only one of my stories for a movie, I would choose “Golden Palace, Way of Ruler” . . . We have one birthplace – our Earth. We have one pace – Human. We have one power – Love. We have the right to pursue Happiness. More about “Golden Palace, Way of Ruler”

The stage play “Adventure in Magis Country Four Fairy Magic Country” by Olga Verasen

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