Welcome to the “Happy Home Studio – Creativity for all”!

“Happy Home Studio – Creativity for all” is a multicultural and multigenerational community where children and adults develop their own talents and the ability to create together through freedom of choice based on human and family values in unity with nature.

The foundation of the “Happy Home Studio-Creativity for all” project started with our childhood experiences and has stayed with us. This foundation has been supplemented by life experience and a conscious understanding of the value of creativity for sustainable personal and community development.

Happy Home Studio is a simple model that can be easily replicated in a local community supporting families and small business activities (handmade toys, and sensory panels) that can be related to ethnic craft traditions.

This model can also be integrated into children’s activities in daycares, preschools, museums, libraries, parks, and ecology centers.

If what you read on this page resonates with your heart, welcome to partnership!
With love, Olga & Joff  

“Happy Home Studio – Creativity for all” activities are based on the Conscious Creativity concept and the program “Supporting stress resistance and immunity through the conscious development of the sensory system and feelings”

Supporting children and adults to develop:

– talents and unique abilities
– life resources and stress-resistance
– harmonious relationships and growth

– ecology culture and multicultural interactions
– curiosity and limitless thinking
– synthesis of subject disciplines.

Happy Home Studio activity provides

  • Art gallery: illustrations and paintings
  • Creativity events: “Wizard’s workshops”, art classes, quests
  • Daycare program: “Adventure with Little Bird ‘Why'”
  • Multilanguage children’s fairy tale books
  • Handmade toys and handmade sensory panels

Below are some of them.

Art family-friendly exhibitions of original artwork, illustrations, and prints
When we invite to our life colorful positive artwork, we invite wisdom, beauty, and strength in life. This type of art enhances our health by strengthening our immune system and supporting the harmonious balance of our inner world. Creativity opens limitless abilities, helps children and adults to see their own uniqueness, and reinforces belief in themselves.

Happy Home Gallery is based on Olga’s original artwork collections and encourages exhibitions of other family-friendly artists in all branches of creativity.

Creativity events – “Wizard’s Workshops”

Creativity workshops for children and adults, family activities, puppet shows, creativity quests, summer camps creativity programs

How can we create the best to support childhood and family relationships? Creativity supports children and adults to build their own happy life using the life resource potential that everyone has.

Creativity Studio activity is based on Olga’s experience as a systemic integrative coach and program creator and is open for collaboration with other creators who have experience in ecology culture-based creativity, and those that support the value of ethnic creativity traditions.

Fairy tales books in multi-languages

For many of us, the question isn’t where to buy a children’s book, it is WHAT to buy. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every family had more books that were passed from generation to generation because of their value?
We published and continue to develop multi-language fairy tale books for children because we believe good stories, based on human values in unity with nature, support parents in raising harmonious
children. See books in our online library and bookshop.

Handmade toys and handmade sensory panels

A toy for a child made by hand, or made together with the child, carries a special value, providing heart warmth. Handmade toys and sensory panels are powerful supports in developing the sensory system and feelings that support the harmonious growth of a child and provide an alternative to screen time.

These handmade resources are a result of a progression of experiences starting with Olga’s childhood, her experience as a mother, and her rich and diverse professional and volunteer activities. She is inspired and continues to develop upon her mom’s experience as a kindergarten teacher.

More about  “Happy Home Studio – Creativity for all”

What does Happy Home Studio look like?

It is a cozy place for children and parents where they enjoy being together. The Studio can accommodate children 1+ because we understand that families are often made up of multi-aged kids who all need to feel comfortable and safe.
Place and location
– 45 m2 – 70 m2 with separate entrance
– good natural light – very important for “eye” health.
– quiet location
– child-friendly neighborhood
Work time
6 days: 10.00-19.00 / Monday: 15.00-19.00)

The Happy Home Studio is not only a daycare for parents to drop off their kids. The children escorted by adult family members (mother or mother-father or grandparents, etc.) will be introduced to creativity events.  And oh,  all electronic devices sleep while in the Studio 🙂

To support Happy Home Studio’s creative activities we have some rules for children and adults:
– be respectful: respect your uniqueness and the uniqueness of everyone else.
– be grateful: to everyone and everything that supports your creative journey
– be quiet: loudness is not necessary to be noticed
– be attentive: if you want to create something new, you need to learn  something new
– be patient: big grows from small seeds, and needs time to grow
– be a lover of work:  to grow, flowers need soil, water, sun, and the happy feeling of your support
– be a team builder: with your parents with others in the Studio: together many bees create honey.

The main language – is English and the native language of each participant. How it can be?
Creativity is the universal language from the heart.
Also, to support activities we have simple guides with images, and participants are encouraged to help one another, often children helping parents! 🙂

What kind of activities does Happy Home Studio include?

Happy Home Studio non-profit activity
A part of children’s creativity events is free.

If a child loves the creative space, there will always be ways for that child, with their escort, to continue their creative journey without worrying about the cost.  To the greatest degree possible, we will encourage a child’s growth, the discovery of their unique talents, and the “heart-to-heart” communication with their escorts that results.  We will strive to create an unforgettable environment for discovery and communication that will continue at the participants’ homes.

Below is a listing of some of the free creativity events:

1 – creativity exhibition “Happy Home Gallery
We have more than 100 children’s illustrations and family-friendly art, and we are planning to organize more. Each community has many talented artists, and we will identify family-friendly ones to exhibit.
Studio’s work time and open receptions – the date.

2 – book reading “Under Dream Tree”
Their parents will read together with their children lovely fairy tales, and add their “dream leaf” to the tree 🙂 (many cozy floor pillows and 4 cm grass 🙂
The open reception – the date.

3 – creativity events “Wizard’s Workshops” – basic level
Children and parents will choose from 7 directions of creativity.
– handmade books (storytelling)
– handmade toys
– greeting cards
– nature crafts and sculpture
– painting (multilayer technique)
– paper crafts
– home design.
The open reception – the date.

4 – ethnic creativity events “Beauty from the hand”
Workshops where people share their own creative experiences related to the culture of handmade traditions.
The open reception – the date.

5 – sensory panel activity “Create your Journey”
This is a wall carpet with many details related to nature and creativity based on fairy tales. The handmade sensory panel supports the sensory system development of sight-touch-smell-taste-hearing, the active position to learn new, and positive feeling. This panel will also become a basic for multi-age children’s groups together with parents.
The open reception – the date.

6 – music event “Harmony of Sounds”
Inviting musicians and singers to the Happy Home Studio for small concerts.
The open reception – the date.

7 – Puppet show “Happy Home Theater”
Children and parents will create their own puppet shows with the Studio’s puppets and fairy tales and also have puppet performance events.
The open reception – the date.

Happy Home Studio profit activity

Activity with payment
1 – Books, art prints, creativity kits, clothing, cards, and personalized gifts (sale items)
2 – Toys and sensory panels (sale items)
3 – Creativity events (ticketed)
4 – Daycare program (ticketed)
– creativity workshops: progressive and master-level “Wizard’s Workshops”
– workshops for adults: learning to paint multilayer techniques, making handmade toys, and making; sensory panels for children
– family creativity quests

Each talented person who created masterpieces that have been saved through the centuries, made them because they had the ability to see their own talent, faith, and character, and to develop those.

It is very important to give to a child the ability to recognize their talent from their own hearts. We, adults, can only share with others, including our kids, what we ourselves have.
If parents strive for Conscious Creativity, together with their children, based on freedom of choice and human values in Unity with Nature, they support a happier future for their children because they are supporting children to learn how to build their own happy life.

The audience Happy Home Studio serves are families with multi-age kids and adults including parents, grandparents, uncles, and aunts.

Intellectual property rights of content

All content has been created and is the official Copyright of Olga Verasen.
– creativity and training programs
– fairy tales books
– collections of artwork
– family-friendly scripts.
More about Olga’s experience

Why are we developing the “Happy Home Studio – Creativity for all” project?

Because our life and professional experience confirm that the value of Conscious Creativity is important for everyone. We also believe that the best is created with people for people. A happier world from happy homes.

We are developing content and continue to share creativity events with children and parents. We are open to collaboration and sharing our experience for supporting Creativity in community and ecology centers, kindergartens, and schools. Welcome to Creativity!
With love, Olga & Joff

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