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If you understand that in your situation general advice, courses, and articles are not enough and your question cannot be postponed “for later”, you can sign up for a personal online consultation or coach session.

Both are approaches to professional communication aimed at unlocking the potential of a person necessary to achieve a set goal, resolve issues, or other situations related to various fields of activity.

Coaching is a collaboration that supports maximizing the client’s personal and professional potential. Coaching during a session consists of the client answering coaching questions where the coach is on “equal footing” throughout the interaction with the client.

The сoaching position is “You can find the answer to the questions: “What” “Why” and  “How to improve” within your own experience. In the process of coaching, the client gains confidence in the process of achieving goals, self-reflection, responsibility, and self-awareness.

Consulting is a collaboration where the consultant acts as an expert. A consultant is more competent in the client’s problem and helps him to understand, find, and realize solutions.

The consultant’s position is: “I support you” or “I am your advisor” – I help you to understand “What”, “Why”, and I help you to see “How to improve”.

Spheres of situations to be solved


Individual coaching
Uniqueness and talent
Personal effectiveness
Self-regulation and health
Conscious development of life harmony 
Communication skills

Group coaching
Corporate culture
Activity effectiveness
Self-regulation and health
Conscious development of life harmony
Communication skills

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Family: children and parents relationship

– harmonious development of your child’s personality, and the life spheres balancing
– developing your child’s communication skills in various social groups
– stress resistance, overcoming conflicts, and self-regulation skills

– developing the child’s self-motivation for personal growth and learning
– personal uniqueness, development of abilities and skills through self-realization, career guidance
– joint development and improvement of a trusting family relationship


Optimizing education &
creativity programs

– Children’s centers, schools, kindergarten
– Hospitals, rehabilitation center
Ecology and visitor centers
– Companies

Professional experience