Sustainable development and self-regulation practices

We are part of evolution, but as humans, we have the power to positively influence our evolution by consciously developing spheres of life, based on human values that contribute to the development of the individual and society, in unity with nature. This is the basis of all human activities and the basis for sustainable development. That is the value of developing self-regulation practices that help maintain the harmony of the inner world and develop an awareness of choice.

On this page are a practical course, and a simple self-regulation practice. Let them be your support.
With love, Olga Verasen

What is the value of practices

The practices help to realize and share resources for self-regulation and stress resistance.
During training, participants will learn techniques that are easy to perform in everyday life.

Each of the training and workshop is a separate part and it also is a module of the practical course. This can be useful for professionals who work in spheres of activity:

– Children’s education and health care & family support activity
– Rehabilitation and restorative medicine & social service
– Refugee support, stress activity social groups
– Continuing adult education, volunteers.

Form of activities

Group – meetings, training, workshops

The self-regulation course supports participants to create stress resistance and self-regulation skills based on multicultural interaction, human values, and ecology culture.

  1. Balance inner World and outside World – “We can share what we have” / M / W
  2. Harmonies communication skills: I and I, I and You, I and World – “For People, by People, with People” / W
  3. A conscious choice of feeling: Feeling-Thinking-Action-Result” – “The best feeling creates best results” / T
  4. Conscious leadership – “I create my life and I have responsibility for What and Why I create?” / W
  5. Life balance and self-regulation skills – “Seven Habits, Dairy” / T
  6. Effective activity and resource management – “Life-balance management” / T
  7. Creativity for stress-resistance and harmony communication skills – “From the Heart” / W

    Result of activities – participants know-how, and can use in different situations, practical skills that support harmonic collaboration in a multicultural community. They will have their own practice skills for consciously developing stress resistance and self-regulation based on human values and ecology culture.

Group form activity can be provided step by step or separately.
Time frame: meeting (M) – 1 hour, workshop (W) – 2 hours, training (T) – 4 hours
– full course – 20 hours
– express course – 4 hours
Provider – Olga Darya Verasen

Individual – coach session for hot-questions


Program and course author © by Olga Darya Verasen
Systemic coach, educator, economist, and biologist.
Writer, screenwriter, and artist.
Member of the American Psychological Association, USA
Expert, Teaching Trainer​ ECA, of the Professional Association of Professional Coaches in Europe, Germany


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