The Home Theater appeared first during my childhood, and then again as Home Theater for my children with a collection of over 30 puppets.
They are the heroes from the “Happy Home Fairy Tales” stories.
You can find them, in different languages, at our Fairy Tales online library.

Later the Home theater collection was donated to a school and I continued to develop this idea with new heroes and creativity activities.

You will find a sample for puppet toy creation on our Happy Home resources page soon or you can create heroes from your own imagination.
But really, for Home Theater, you can use all that you have! Just ask children to support you!

I think they will be the best Home Theater directors, decorators, and producers.
Why “Home Theater”?
Because it is a special warmth that we create from Heart to Heart, together. . . .

An example of a stage play for Home Theater

Below is an example that will be easy to put on at home, Creativity Studio, or community center. You also can create a short video and share it with your friends 🙂

Details of the performance can be found on the page with text, which can be downloaded as a PDF file. Examples of hero dolls, as well as instructions for making them, can be found on this page. Success to you!
With love, Olga Verasen

Little Fluffy Cloud

The heroes of the play: Little Fluffy Cloud and Sun can be made from sheets of colored paper. If there are no such sheets nearby, then you can come up with other options: colors, and fabric.

Maybe this audio can help you to create your performance in English. Also, in our “Online Library”, you can find this fairy tale in different languages.
We hope your first experience will inspire you to create more performances.

Little Fluffy Cloud
About diligence, responsibility, generosity, and what
you always need . . .
Narrated by Joffrey

Let the Home Theater bring your family a lot of joyful emotions and new discoveries of your talents!
With love, Olga and Joff

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