A play for Home Theater

Dear Parents! I prepared this play specifically for you and your children in such a format that it will be easy to put on at home. You can even shoot a short video and share it with my friends and relatives!

Details of the performance can be found on the page with text, which can be downloaded as a PDF file. Examples of hero dolls, as well as instructions for making them, can be found on this page. Success to you!
With love, Olga Verasen

Little Fluffy Cloud

Dear Parents!
The heroes of the play: Little Fluffy Cloud and Sun you can make from sheets of colored paper. If there are no such sheets nearby, then you can come up with various other options: colors, fabric.

Listen to the tale “Little Fluffy Cloud” what read for you my lovely husband and the director of Publishing House Joff Cowan.

Little Fluffy Cloud
About diligence, responsibility, generosity, and what
you always need . . .

On the “Audio fairy tales” page, you can find more audio fairy tales. The experience of the first theater production will help you in creating new performances.

Let the Home Theater bring your family a lot of joyful emotions and new discoveries of your talents!

With love, Olga