• The model of creativity activity for children and parents

“Wizards Workshops” is a Creative Studio activity to support the harmonious development of a child’s personality, and strengthen their health, based on creativity in unity with human values and nature.

The sphere of activity
Early Child Education & Health Care
After-school creativity program
Home education
Family health and harmonic raising children

The places of activity
Kindergarten, preeschool & homeschool
National Park visit & ecology center, museums
Hight schools, students of education University facilities
Children’s hospitals, rehabilitation center

About “Wizards Workshops”

“Wizard’s Workshops” is based on the Conscious Creativity concept and educational resources and creates additional conditions for the harmonious development of children’s personalities and health when interacting with teachers and parents outside of school hours.

“Wizards Workshops” objectives are supporting to develop children’s unique abilities and talent
consciously choosing positive feelings and taking a proactive position in the development of healthy lifestyle communication skills, and self-regulation based on human, and family values in unity with nature.

Stages of the “Wizard’s Workshops” development

Development of a creativity studio – “Wizard’s Workshops” – weekdays, after school time organization of space for a creativity studio preparation of materials preparation of visual aids supporting the activities, master classes with participants and facilitators exhibitions.

Expected Result

– establish a creative studio “Wizard’s Workshops”, where children can spend their free time after school with benefits for health and personal development
– there is a simple and easy-to-use extracurricular activity program that can be developed with the participation of parents and teachers based on the priorities of the school’s educational activities
-there is a system of interaction between parents, children, and teachers based on creativity, which can support motivation in the educational process and help with choosing a profession in the future.

Wizard’s Workshops values

Stress-resistance: supports consciously developing the sensory system and positive feelings. 
Uniqueness: develops unique abilities and talents through the freedom to choose activities. 
Leadership: develops a proactive position, responsibility, and skills to support others.
Communication: develops abilities to create as a team in multi-aged children groups and types of activities. 
Culture: supports national traditions, native culture, and value of creative work.
Sensibility: activities are based on Human values in Unity with Nature.
Family: supports activities with multi-aged children, parents, and grandparents.

Description of the Wizard’s Workshops

The workshops will use 7 main directions that draw upon literary, decorative, and applied artistic creativity


1 – handmade books
2 – handmade toys
3 – sculpture, crafts from natural materials
4 – modeling, paper crafts

5 – painting on various surfaces based on natural materials
6 – cards, gifts
7 – home design and interior decoration for the holidays.

Some examples of creativity by Wizard’s Workshops

“Wizard’s Workshops” details

  • Choice: an important feature of the Workshops is that each participant has the opportunity to choose their activity. All seven areas for creativity, in each of the 7 directions.
  • Leadership skills: the workshop structure creates the opportunity to develop leadership skills through a system of personal growth: Student, Assistant, Master.
  • Support: for each direction, advanced preparation includes the rules of the Workshops and support for creative activities, incl. work examples.
  • Participation: school students, of any age, from the very youngest to the senior grades, can participate in the Workshop. The “Wizard’s Workshops can be organized in a National Park visitor & ecology center as an additional program for families and also in a wellness center.
  • Afterschool program: the duration of the Workshop is not limited by strict time frames. The workshop is open daily for 2 or 3 hours after school lessons. There will always be at least one adult in the Workshop who understands the specifics of the Workshop, (has been trained) and has experience working with children.
  • Wizard’s Family Workshops“: a feature of the Wizard’s Family Workshops is the participation of children together with their parents, as well as with grandparents.
  • Community: masters from local communities can be invited to participate in the Workshop. This makes it possible to maintain folk traditions, develop respect for the native culture, understand the value of experience, respect the older generation, and value work.

Holding “Wizard’s Workshops” exhibitions

Exhibitions based on the results of the season/holidays/semesters. Staging a year-end festival. A special feature of exhibitions and festivals is celebrating creativity. There are no festival competitions, just special awards for children who have helped other children learn what they have learned by themselves.


To support the Wizard’s Workshop program and project development, certain activities can be organized:

1) master classes and meetings with parents to support their understanding of developing their child’s talents and health based on creativity;

2) masterclasses for teachers and parents to facilitate interaction between families and school;

3) masterclasses for teachers: educational technologies for extracurricular work creativity in lesson activities to increase the interest of students and their interest in the educational process;

4) supporting school interior design of the health benefit of prismatic colors.

The experience of project implementation by the school team can become a model for other educational institutions in organizing extracurricular activities and strengthening the health of children through creativity based on human and family values.

The Wizard’s Workshops based on Conscious Creativity Concept

Conscious Creativity is the process of developing and improving human activity based on a culture of thinking in unity with nature.
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Educational resources based on Conscious Creativity

Education and development:
– coaching and consulting

– training and workshops
– adult continuing education program
– additional children’s education program
– self-regulation course

The models based on Conscious Creativity:
– Happy Home Studio – Creativity for all
– Wizard’s Workshops

Conscious Creativity technologies:
quests, creativity games
– family creativity
– creativity for adults
– online creativity club
– unity with nature
– life balance practices

Didactic materials:
– fairy tale and fable books
– parenting resources
– stageplays
– nature-based prismatic art

Olga Darya Verasen
Systemic coach, educator, economist, and biologist.

Author of educational resources.
Member of the American Psychological Association, USA
Expert / Coaching Instructor / Trainer ECA, European Coaching Association, Germany


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