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I have always created games: as a child, then as a kindergarten assistant for my mother and an assistant teacher in primary school, then as an educator and coach.
These experiences helped me understand that many important lessons in life are much easier to learn in a game that helps build a life on a solid foundation of skills based on awareness of What and Why I create in my life.

The games that you will see below on this page, I created about 10 years ago. More than 500 children from ages 3 to 16 took part. Their journeys, with warm feedback, inspire me to create new ones including additional activities for kindergartens and schools.

The duration of the quests varies from 1 session to 7, 12, or 21 sessions-days, and more.
The quests are designed in such a way that their duration, and form, can accommodate the circumstance and the capabilities of the participants. The number of days depends on the age of the participants, the type of game, as well as the form of participation.

Game technology develops qualities that contribute to the harmonious development of the unique traits of a child’s personality by interacting in groups of different ages, which is also important for the ability to realize one’s talents in life, including choosing a future profession:

– self-motivation for improvement
– express talents and abilities
– self-regulation

proactive position

– communication skills
– resourceful thinking
– ecology culture
– proactive position

The quests can be supplemented by “Wizards Workshops” based on the Conscious Creativity concept, and programs that include the development of knowledge about nature for different age groups:
“Adventures with Little Bird Why”, ages 2-4
“Ladybug and Good Deeds”, ages 5-7
Teddy Bear and Friends, ages 8-10.

We provide support on how to organize quests and creativity games supporting unique abilities, stress resistance, and immunity through the conscious development of the sensory system and feelings. Below is a short summary of some quests. If you have any questions, we will be happy to respond to you.
With love, Olga Verasen

Announcement! There is a wonderful chest … It is located in a secret place… you can find it with a map. The map is in another secret place… To find it, you need to know…

You need to locate the Guardian and ask him one question. From his answer, everything will be yours …
And now, you have the Chest … And why is it wonderful? Because it contains a wonderful book … Yes, yes! That’s what it’s called! One has only to open its pages and miracles begin …

The little one will pick up this mysterious book. Opening each page will reveal a new session.  The child will get to know the characters and learn from them what is important and useful for their harmonious development. A cheerful bell, an active Squirrel, a kind Hedgehog, a sunny Ray, a wise Owl, and many more heroes will help your child learn about friendship and caring, good moods and health, and learn what brings pleasure and joy to our lives.

At the heart of each session is a game journey, in which there will be tasks, games, and secrets with their answers. At the end of the session, each child will take home a “Wonderful Chest” that he will fill with his achievements and discoveries. When performing tasks, active forms of interaction are used: games, tasks, and exercises. An aid in their implementation will be artistic, decorative, and applied art. During the performance of tasks, the children get to know the world around them more deeply, reveal their unique abilities, and develop communication skills with each other. Each session has its own symbol – an image. They are placed on a piece of drawing paper where, after each session, a new symbol is added. A picture collage is gradually created and distributed at the end of all sessions.
Levels of interaction: individual, mini-group, group with parents.

There is a Workshop of Transformations in the world, where you can fix something, fix it, and fix it again. In other words, make something new out of the old, and make something better out of the not-as-good.

But one morning a strange letter appears. It comes from Nowhere… Please open it and read it to everyone who works in the Transformation Workshop.

Read and understand – important, necessary, cool! Let’s do it! And-and it starts… One package, another… Another one… Not only do they come every day, but they still need to be found… Well, at least the notice contains an approximate address… And then … Turn on your head and legs … M-d-yes … And then there’s this riddle …

Together with peers and independently, each child creates his own crystal. Help in this are letters, parcels, and the support of a Master, the repository of Wisdom from ancient times …

At the heart of each session is an adventure game. Performing tasks, solving riddles, and traveling, children learn to set goals and objectives and find ways to solve issues that cannot be measured in numbers, or described in terms. Everyone will pass “the way”: student, apprentice, master. Everyone will have their own experience of SIR (system of individual growth) – the development of the best qualities of character that are needed for the development of a successful harmonious person. Each child will create their own amazing unique crystal and take it with them, knowing that crystals have the amazing property to grow …
Levels of interaction: individual, mini-group, group.

There is team X. The task has come: to find secret materials. There isn’t much time – only 2 weeks. It is necessary to have time to find and transfer to the Control Center – Success. At least a little more information, but … there is nothing more …

  Phew… We found a strange medallion, right at the entrance. There is a code on it … And-and- it begins … A code, a clue, a scheme, a plan of action. Gathering a team every day, time flies unnoticed.

Need to be on time! Surprising … it turns out to be very close … Indeed, secret materials. Try it, guess without preparation! Happened… Success? Yes! Why is it so important? Because this is our life and we care… Because every person is born to be successful and happy. And now we know what it takes…

At the heart of the lesson is a search game. Together as a team, and each separately, the guys are looking for materials. During the search, they comprehend and develop in themselves valuable personality traits: purposefulness and the ability to choose the main thing using the “why” position. They learn to plan their time and determine their capabilities from the position of “how and what can I do to achieve this.”

 Children learn to think outside the box and make decisions, to be in a team, and maintain their individuality. In games and tasks, communication skills among themselves, friendliness, and a positive attitude are developed. These, and many other skills and knowledge will be a valuable addition to the development of the child, especially during the transition period.

After completing the tasks, at the end of the classes, each of the participants will have their own secret materials. And the Control Center – Success, where you need to transfer secret materials – this is … However, about this not now, but at the end of the program!
Levels of interaction: individual, mini-group, group.

Eeeee. … Does it sometimes happen that we stop believing in ourselves? It happens… But when we find our best qualities, we become stronger. And what do these very “best qualities” mean and where and how to find them?

It turns out that there is a Magic Formula that will help with this! And what is interesting is that every person, regardless of age and place of residence, can collect this Magic Formula for themselves. But in order to collect it, 9 Keys must be found … To find 9 Keys, you need to go through the path as indicated on the Magic Map.

Why is this card magical? Because the Path that is depicted on it can be used anywhere! What is most important is to go through all its stages and find the right words. The one who learns all these words will be able to put them into the Magic Formula and then will become stronger!

What is most important is to go through all the stages of the Path indicated on the map. Difficult? Yes and no.
Yes – because you need to follow this Path every day. This means doing a little bit, but every day.
No – because, in fact, on this Path, you will meet a lot of fun and exciting stories and tasks

And further…
You can walk this Path together with your parents, siblings, and grandparents, regardless of how far you are from each other – just share this game with them.
The road ahead is long and it is important to be in good shape. So, every participant in the game needs to take vitamins every day. The time to take the “vitamins” is in the morning, before the start of classes. At the end of the project, the most active participants are issued an act of conscientious completion of fortification.
Welcome to the exciting Journey for your Magic Formula!

The path that the participants go through helps to see and develop their unique abilities and at the same time learn to better understand each other, strengthen trusting relationships, and the ability to interact as a team.
Purpose of the program. Formation of a harmonious personality of a child in multicultural interaction based on human values in unity with nature.

The lessons are based on a journey adventure, in which there will be tasks, exercises, games, and riddles. An assistant in their implementation will be artistic, decorative, and applied art. During the performance of tasks, the children get to know the world around them more deeply, reveal their unique abilities, and develop communication skills with each other. At the end of the class, each child will take with them a personal notebook of the Traveler and their own unique Magic formula, created by their own hands.

Levels of interaction: individual, mini-group, group.

Program and course author © by Olga Darya Verasen
Systemic coach, educator, economist, and biologist.
Writer, screenwriter, and artist.
Member of the American Psychological Association, USA
Expert, Teaching Trainer​ ECA, of the Professional Association of Professional Coaches in Europe, Germany


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