Creativity opens limitless abilities, helps us see our own uniqueness, and reinforces belief in ourselves. Creativity also gives tools for the conscious development of self-regulation and positive feeling and as a result support life balance and health.

All my workshops and events connect with Nature because Nature and Creativity are amazing and wonderful an example of harmony and continual life development. The history of all the beauty that people create in our World always has connections with Nature.
Look around . . .

I will share with you my experiences in creativity and continue to support many adults and children to open their own unique Wizard’s world. Welcome!
Warm wishes, Olga

Creativity Workshops – Study course
Creativity to support talent and stress resistance

How to organize “Wizard’s Workshops” for childrenstudy course

To create additional activities for the harmonious development of personalities and support health:
– express course4 hour
– full course7 hours
post-training consulting and assistance.
Participants: parents, schoolteachers, librarians, students, social care employers, and volunteers.
Based on the Conscious Creativity concept.

We also provide support on how to organize creativity activities to support unique abilities, stress resistance, and immunity through the conscious development of the sensory system and feelings. Please, see some of them below.

Creativity events

More creativity activities for families and children
Quests and Creativity Games

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Systemic coach, educator, economist, and biologist.
Writer, screenwriter, and artist.
Member of the American Psychological Association, USA
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