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Seven Happy Habits


Self-regulation practice “Heart to Heart”

Place your left hand on your heart, then open your hand and look at your palm.
Bend your left thumb so that it touches the middle of your palm and ask, “What am I grateful for today?”
Bend the index finger of your left hand and ask, “What am I proud of today?”
Bend your left middle finger and ask, “What do I value today?”
Bend the ring finger and ask, “What is my dream for the future?”
Bend the little finger and ask, “What could make me smile right now?”
Place your left hand on your heart. Then put your hands together, palm to palm, and say:
“I create the best in life for me, for people, with people”
Share this practice with others.

Summary: 5 questions and a phrase

What am I grateful for today?
What am I proud of today?
What do I value today?
What is my dream for the future?
What could make me smile right now?

I create the best in life for me, for people, with people

Practice value
activates neural connections through the sensory system
strengthens the power in the awareness of human values
maintains positive feelings
develops harmonious communication skills in stressful situations

This practice also promotes team-building of different aged participants, where the older can share with the younger, and the younger can share with the older.

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