• Additional program for the harmonious development of children

Harmonious development of children based on an ecological culture by the synthesis of humanitarian and natural directions in the knowledge of the world. “World in Me”

Program topics

7. Beauty and Culture
8. We are People
9. We and Nature
10. We and the Universe
11. The Power of Creativity
12. World in Me

About Conscious Creativity concept >

Educational resources based on the Conscious Creativity

Education and development:
– coaching and consulting

– training and workshops
– adult continuing education program
– additional children’s education program
– self-regulation course

The models based on Conscious Creativity:
– Happy Home Studio – Creativity for all
– Wizard’s Workshops

Conscious Creativity Technologies:
quests, creativity games
– family creativity
– creativity for adults
– online creativity club
– unity with nature
– life balance practices

Didactic materials:
– fairy tale and fable books
– parenting resources
– stageplays
– nature-based prismatic art

Social and Research Project >

Educational resources © by Olga Darya Verasen
Systemic coach, educator, economist, and biologist.
Writer, screenwriter, and artist.
Member of the American Psychological Association, USA
Expert / Coaching Instructor / Trainer​ ECA, European Coaching Association, Germany

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