Each of our exhibition activities is an Event. . . .

Children’s eyes are windows to the Universe and mirror what helps us adults to see ourselves from the heart. . . .
We have had over 40 exhibits of our art and illustration collections in libraries, city halls, museums, hospitals, art galleries, high schools, kindergartens, children, and ecology centers.

We are happy to continue to create these events for children and adults in support of Harmony in life. From small drops, the big great ocean appears – when we create small good deeds every day, we are creating a great Life deed – to be People.

Thank you very much to American Corner Vlora for supporting the sharing, with Vlorё’s children and parents, our illustrations and the first fairy tale book in Albanian! Happy to feel the warm attitude of the many visitors, and the wise efforts of Alkida, with her editing and event organization! Thank you very much for these photos https://www.facebook.com/acvlora
Please, see “Happy Home” fairy tale book, in the Albanian language, which is in our online library

When I see children’s eyes and smiles, it inspires my child who always lives in my heart. This child has many “What” and “Why” questions, and helps me to create new books and paintings for you.

With love,

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