Even with a lot of experience and knowledge, we always can improve what we have if we are going forward. The evolution process, for people, is the same as for everyone in our world and is based on conscious development: WHERE I am going and WHY.

The first education APA webinar for membership “Practical Overview of Leadership: Research-Based Principles and Tools for Action” from the Leadership course was one day ago.

This course is amazing support from leaders who have great practical experience, and scientific research in psychology. Dr. Nathan Hiller provided an overview of what effective leadership entails, common mistakes about leadership, and also an overview of the role psychology and psychologists can play in the future for the evolution of our society.

I will be happy to continue to follow the next webinars of this course.
We can share what we have 🙂

For more information, please follow these links:

APA is the American Psychological Association, the leading scientific and professional organization representing psychology in the United States. https://www.apa.org/about

Dr. Nathan Hiller, Executive Director of the Center for Leadership and Professor in the Department of Global Leadership and Management in the College of Business https://lead.fiu.edu/

Best wishes,

P.S. Each of us has an unlimited inner world with great potential. Our responsibility is to use this amazing gift of Life. Each of us is the Leader of our own Life and has the ability to use this gift based on human values in unity with nature for the best feature.

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