One of our lovely photos. Smiles . . . even as a big wind tries to push us from the road.
But we are saving our balance and keep going forward even though the wind is really strong and every one of us has only 2 bike wheels 🙂

The balance of the spheres of life, in fact, is, first of all, the balance of our world: “what is inside is outside”. Every one of us is unique and has our own inner world. This is why we can’t use ready-made recipes. But there are rules, like the rules on the road, and in construction 🙂 because everyone is part of the Universe.

And first, just ask yourself the question: “What and Why do I create in my life?” and find the answer in your heart.
So, save the balance and keep going forward. . . . To where? Ask your heart. The heart knows.

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