My focus remains the same – work on books for the family. Why? Because we need an outside assistant to help develop a happier relationship with
our children.
A book can become your assistant, and its characters – good friends. Even with the best of
intentions, we take the position of the Teacher, wanting to pass on our experience and
knowledge to our children. This issue is particularly relevant in “distance” or on-line

Learning is important of course . . . But as soon as we parents begin to teach, we meet
resistance (read the previous post and the article “How to negotiate with “I don’t want!”)
or raise eternal students looking for teachers, guides, but not ready to take responsibility
for their own life. The only question is if today are you the teacher, tomorrow who? I
often talk about this with my parents because this is one of the most important
foundations to instill in our children.

The ability to make choices and take responsibility for choices. This is the Master’s
position – those who create their own lives, regardless of the circumstances. You can
learn about the position of the Master and exercises that will help develop it in your
children if you read “The question of the Master”.

Again, about books and the ability to choose …
The desire to learn and develop is a given, but having that desire coming from within the
child is the charm. “I study this because I need to for . . .”, or “I choose this because . . .” To
instill that inner desire, books can become true friends and helpers for you and your

Before choosing a book, ask yourself this question: What will it bring to my life? What
values ​​will it help to strengthen in me and my child? What good will it bring to create a
solid foundation for an individual? To help your child to proactively choose what they
want for their life, help your child to explore these questions.

There are many books. For most of us, it’s not a question of buying books for ourselves
or for our children. The question is what will they bring into our lives. What does the
author share? What will the author’s story bring to our hearts? What feelings will linger?
Feelings-Thinking-Action-Result . . .

I return to this formula again and again, because, in education, Feelings are not addressed.
All attention is on developing the mind to think, act and achieve results. However,
feelings create the foundation for results . . . Fear . . . or belief in yourself and your dream.
Hatred or Love. Resentment or Gratitude . . .

Therefore, before you select a book, hold it in your hands … Browse through the pages,
slowly read the lines … If this is an online purchase, there is much more information
readily available about the book the author.

My husband and I carefully study the children’s literature which is now published in the
world. We know well the trends, problems, and achievements of publishers. That is why
we are not in a hurry, and we create each book as an event … Plans do change, but the
essence of what we create for you remains the same – we create books, from our heart to
make our world better. Books to support our capacity to have heart-to-heart relationships.
We create a world such as we ourselves enjoy … And this is the responsibility we have
when we bring books into the world.

You might ask, “Olga, how do books help with not being a Teacher?”
Books position us to share the values ​​of life through events and heroes. Books create a
space for co-creation. You can read about finding space for co-creation and the value of
this space in the first issue of the April magazine for parents.

We help our children learn how to create their own world. Let their world be bright,
beautiful, successful and happy! Allow good books to help you! There are many of them.
It is only necessary to take a closer look and proactively choose . . . These gems speak
softly . . .

P.S. Behind these words is experience. I say this because each line contains many years
of meetings with children and parents from different countries. This is the experience of a
daughter, mother, and grandmother. I continue to develop this experience with new books
that also help me. Before I start reading any new book. I will hold her in my hands
mindfully and reverently . . . I scan through its pages . . . I may have learned more about the
content and the author from the Internet and then ask myself the same questions that I
shared with you in this post. What will this book bring to my life?

I am writing these lines and on my desktop is a book by Alexander Milne … An old one,
with a battered cover. This book is my husband’s childhood . . . “Winnie the Pooh …”
Hmm . . . This is my favorite childhood book… Russia, USA, and Canada. Good books
don’t know the time, distances and borders, because they transcend boundaries.

“What day is it?” asked Pooh
“It’s today,” squeaked Piglet
“My favorite day,” said Pooh
A.A. Miln

With love, Olga
The photo March 25th. Today . . . The home option of Publishing House 🙂

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