Master’s Position:
how to help your child ask the questions that support their own successful and happy life

“Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.” — Marcus Aurelius

From my experience by asking ourselves questions we develop the Master’s Position over our life. I continue to appreciate the simplicity and depth of questions that I ask myself.
By improving our inner world, we improve what we can share with our children . . .

  • All improvements in our lives happen when we accept the one who is always within us – the Master.

“You can’t even imagine how complicated it is!” Exclaimed a beautiful woman in an elegant suit. She shook my hand and continued, “Thank you for taking the time to meet me, despite the late time.”
The time, indeed, was late. The hands-on the clock indicated 10 pm.
Welcome! She pointed to a row of chairs at a long conference table and sat in a huge black chair at a separate, magnificent director’s desk.
It was her desk and she felt very comfortable sitting behind it …
“Tea? Coffee?” She asked, nodding easily at the coffee table.
“Perhaps coffee,” I replied, realizing that our conversation would be a long one. . .
The hands-on the clock had long past midnight . . . We sat at the coffee table, in comfortable chairs, and looked out from the side of the enormous conference table.
“I just saw everything I have been saying from outside me . . . ” – the woman said thoughtfully and, nodding at the table, added, “I always sit my son at this table when I speak to him . . . I am the same director when at home… I put on this mask and never remove it . . .”
She was silent for a moment and again nodding at the table saying, “When I was left alone, with my little son in my arms, I wanted to prove to everyone that I had not been abandoned!” She was silent again and then quietly said, “I proved it! To everyone! I have a science degree, I have a two-story apartment, I have a big company. I . . . Only I do not have . . . a son. Each of us is on our own . . . It’s too late to fix it . . .”
I listened to the story of this fragile, but incredibly strong woman, and was amazed. Once again, how incredibly beautiful is a heart once the mask is removed . . .
“Can I change it?” She asked.
“Of course!” I answered.
“It’s not too late?” she quickly responded with hope.
“It’s never too late. Late, is only never . . .”
This meeting was many years ago. We have not met since, but I believe that this amazing woman used her incredible strength and energy, to create a happy relationship with her son after she understanding that all she needed was to take off her mask. Why do I have such confidence?
This woman took off her mask and saw the beauty of her heart.
When we see the beauty in ourselves, we discover our Master. The one who creates beauty around the world while perfecting the world within.
(From the manuscript “Where can I find Happiness for my child?” )

  • When we stop wearing our mask, we stop placing a mask onto our children. When we discover our Master within, we help our children become Master’s of their lives.

What is a Master?
It is you, it is me, and it is each of us.  It is a potential that we can choose to realize for how we live our life
Who can become a Master?
Each of us at any time.
A Master:

– is open with themselves and with others
– realizes the value of the present, seeing the beauty in every moment  
– creates his life by taking responsibility for their actions
– sees in every situation opportunities, not just problems
– takes the best of the past and uses it in the present to create their best future
– knows what they want by listening to their hearts.

What helps a Master to be a Master?

  • A Master can ask themselves questions at any time and listen to the answers from their hearts.

What is the main question of a Master? How can I develop a Master’s position and share it with my child? See “Practices for Master’s Position”.

P.S. And more…
Perhaps you have questions and your own ideas for developing a Master’s position. Wonderful!. My goal is to share my experiences, to encourage you to clearly see the value ​​of your experiences, and reveal to you your own Master.
With love, Olga

Master’s Position Practice