Master’s Position: questions that support a successful and happy life

Why is it important?

Learning to ask questions of yourself is better than answering the questions of others . . .

I hope the questions will help you and your child. A happy person is the Master of his life and they know how to create their best one by:

– looking at the world through their own eyes
– sharing their best and seeing beauty in the present
– improving what has already been created
– realizing their uniqueness
– taking responsibility
– being able to support the happiness of others.

Learn to ask yourself Master’s questions. The Master is your heart. Happiness always speaks to us through our hearts.

The basic Master’s question is – WHY?

This question will help you and your child:
See the world with your own eyes.
See the beauty in the present at any given time.
To improve and develop, improving what has already been created.
Recognize your uniqueness, talents and realize them.
Take responsibility for the success and happiness of your life on yourself.
Share the best you have with others.
To be able to maintain the happiness of others.


Master’s Question – Why am I creating this in my life?

Everything that we do, we do for a reason. A Master always knows why.  How? By continually asking, and carefully listens to the answer from, their heart:

Is what I am doing, or reacting to, influenced by Fear?
Am I doing or reacting by following the Love in my heart?
Feel the answer. How does your body respond? What do you feel as you are listening for answers? Warmth? Coldness? Joy? Alarm?

When asking questions of your heart, listen for the answer from within, do not rush.
Our Mind is always in a hurry. Our mind loves to speak loudly, judge, compare and condemn. So when you ask your question:
– give time to hear the answer from your heart
– learn to hear silence – the heart always answers questions quietly
– do not try to compare or judge your answer with outside opinions or expectations – each of us is unique
– be true to yourself, don’t feel that you are being judged
– accept your fear (each of us has fear, the strongest is being judged) – fear is what is in us, but this is not what we are.

Ask your heart as often as possible as you are making choices, and you will see positive changes begin to occur in your life.

The value of this Practice

– self awareness of every moment
–uniqueness, talents, and ability to dream
– proactive position and capacity to make choices and see opportunities
– the ability to choose and fill your inner world with feelings of joy, love, gratitude
– responsibility and self-confidence
– communication skills through self-acceptance and awareness of the uniqueness of each person.

Whether we realize it or not, we are creating our life every moment. We always have the right to choose by creating our life from the position of a Master or allowing it to happen from a passive position.
Of course, “Why” is not the only question of the Master, but this is the MAIN QUESTION which underlies all other questions.

Successful and happy people do not wait for, nor seek directions. They create their own life and take responsibility for what is created.

It is worth learning this for yourself and sharing it with your children.
Also . . .
When we develop the habit of asking ourselves the question “WHY?, we remove our mask What do you see from the eyeholes of a mask?
When we remove inner limitations, we discover our true beauty and the strength of our inner world. And the outside world responds to us in kind.

Why is it so important to take responsibility for your life first? Because we can only share with our children what we have within ourselves . . .

One morning, Little Bird Why woke up and looked very closely at her tiny fuzzy wings and asked Mother Bird, “Why do I need these?”
“Those are your wings,” said Mother Bird smiling.
Little Bird Why looked very closely at her Mother Bird’s and Father Bird’s wings, paused to think a while, and then, not satisfied, asked, “Yes, but why do I need wings?”
“In order to fly,” replied Mother Bird.
“Why do I need to fly?” asked Little Bird Why.
“What do you mean why?” asked Mother Bird. “There is nothing more wonderful than to rise into the big blue sky and fly!”
But Little Bird Why still wasn’t satisfied.
“And why do we need to fly into the big blue sky?”
“Because you are a bird!” said Father Bird.
Little Bird Why flapped her wings quickly and hopped in one place. She tried to rise into the big blue sky and fly away, but she couldn’t.
“So why do I have wings, if I can’t fly?” Little Bird Why asked again.
“Because you are still young!” explained Mother Bird.
“You will be able to fly when you grow up! Because you are a bird!” added Father Bird.

(from the book “Magic Fairy Tales for children and parents”)

P.S. How many “Why” questions do our children ask us as they grow . . .
Do we adults always answer their questions? How do we answer? Maybe this is why we stopped asking “Why” questions by the time we became adults?
To understand our child, from a heart-to-heart relationship, we just need to see our child with our hearts and remember that the question “Why” is necessary for Master’s Position.

This practice is of particular significance to me, because this question, thanks to the wisdom of my mother, has always been with me – since very early in my childhood. This question of the Master helped me create my life in the way I wanted it to be.

Apply this practice! Ask yourself the main question of the Master. Listen to your heart and trust the answers!

Share your Master’s Position with your child.
Share your experiences below!
With love, Olga Verasen

I hope the heroes of my Family Fairy Tales will also become your faithful helpers in asking “Why”!