We live in an area where the beautiful office buildings of large banks and companies, and also the hotels like Marriott stand, close to each other in a small pile. Around are private houses.

It’s very beautiful, clean, and empty . . . A strange feeling . . . And spring is around . . . Birds for all the voices . . . From the city center of 800 thousand inhabitants for 15 minutes, and deer tracks on the track . . .
After a working day – a business in the home version, we walk with my husband as in a park. There are almost no cars … We meet the same passers-by as we do. We diverge from each other as recommended, wave our hands to each other, smile, say “Hi! How are you?”

And today, too, the same . . . I take pictures of trees and remember the lines of my novel “Golden Palace, Way of Ruler”. . .
“Grandpa, why do the trees give us everything they have?”
“Because they know how to love, Ilmi.”
– Like this?
“This is when you love and ask nothing in return.”
“Do we humans know how?”
– We learn to love, Ilmi . . .
I believe that the time will come when we will finally understand that each of us has a big kind heart that knows how to love . . .Heart-to-Heart . . .
With love, Olga Verasen 💝🌏🌈 ⠀

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