This post about what everyone has, ourselves . . . about faith in ourselves and about the holiday.
“A holiday is when it’s warm here!” – answered a 4-year-old participant to my question during a “Peace in me” session. Today I remembered her words because, in spite of everything, I hear my heart and follow it . . .

Around 10 years ago 19 publishers said, “Your tales are of no use, now they should be more about business!” But by persevering, three publishing houses in Belarus did publish my tales in fairy books with a total circulation of about 10,000 copies. As a result, my husband and I  opened own publishing house and my fairy tales are now available in English worldwide.

“Why are you writing scripts? Did you study screenwriting? Do you know how many thousands of professionals there are in competitions? They have much more than one film credit! ”

I can continue to delve into my memories, receiving similar discouraging phrases about entering competitions, about moving to the USA, about learning English at my age, and more. But why? I have my heart. It knows . . .
“This is when bells rings inside, you just need to hear them!” another little participant in one of my classes told me, “If in your heart rings bells of Joy – then this is your path and your choice is to go your own way, believing in yourself and your dream or stand around waiting on wishes.”

It’s not a matter of wishes, but what choice we make for ourselves. It’s not always easy, so before you say something to someone, stop and feel your heart . . . then you will find the right words and deeds to support their dream and their hope in a better and more fulfilling life.

Share Joy! Each of us has it every day both big and small. Maintain Joy and faith in ourselves and in our children . . . This is strong immunity against all adversities in life. This is the experience of a biologist and from tested personal experience.

Today is my holiday and the bells of Joy are ringing inside me . . . Of my 7 family screenplays, 5 are recognized for their excellence on a professional screenwriting platform.
This is a celebration of my dreams and my heart. I did not study at the Academy of Cinematography, but I write as my heart tells me because I believe that good films for the whole family will always be needed.

I know that there will be a day when I invite you all to the premieres. Believe in youself!

This fairy tale from the second book “Magic Fairy Tales for children & parents” about a dream, belief in yourself, and supporting each other. The book will be available as a book soon but I want to share this fairy tale with you and your family now. Enjoy! From my heart to yours . . .

With love, Olga💝🌈

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