When I am asked, “Olga, where are you from?” Sometimes I don’t know what to answer because I have three countries in my heart. Russia is the country where I was born and raised, Belarus is the country where I lived for over 20 years and the United States is the country where I live now, where I am loved and love. For me, all three countries are part of my life and in my heart.

You and I have our own unique life story, our own countries. 
I know that you and I have something that unites us all, in all counties. It is our Heart. This is also a house . . . This is our responsibility for what we keep in our house. Love, Freedom, Trust, Gratitude . . .

When I see another “hot spot” appear on our Earth, my heart hurts. All “hot spots” are painful and raise the questions, “What is there in the hearts of those who do not create, but destroy and why? Who parented those who have forgotten what it means to be human?”

I believe that our Lighthouse of the best human qualities shines brightest during dark times! I believe that no shadow or storm can hide the Light in our Hearts! The Light of Peace and Love is so much stronger!

I believe that the time will come when the Power of Love and Beauty, in our Hearts, will make our world happy!
From my heart to yours! With love, Olga

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