Some days ago I became a participant of the
online galleries in London, UK.
This is a great opportunity to share my creativity. WHAT you create is a big responsibility.

Each from us creates every moment and has a choice at that moment: support Light or support Darkness. We save evil or Love in our own hearts . . . It is like an orchard . . . What we save will grow . . .

I create for support Light of Love in the heart, unity with Nature, and support one home Earth where we live together.

Bright colors reflect light to support the inner world’s harmony with life’s energy. I began to study the technique of multilayer painting while still at school, then studying old Russian traditional techniques including icon painting.

I received invaluable experience from the master of Belarusian painting Ninel Schastnaya, master classes in Moscow, and art classes and advice from a master of painting with acrylic, Nancy Reyner from The United States. I am immensely grateful to all the masters who shared their knowledge and experiences. This is how, step by step, my  “Light from the heart” technique was born . . .

I pick up a brush, coated it with color, and listen to what my heart wanted to say. It is like an amazing river of Life flowing through me. I just follow the strong current of this river and share with you Life’s wisdom, beauty, and strength from my Heart to your Heart . . .
With love Olga ❤️


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