Family is constantly developing and hopefully improving. I often repeat this phrase in my articles and consultations with parents. In this family development process, each of us, parents and children, goes with our speed and our own way. They are different because we are different.

However, there are common themes to that development process that we can’t see sometimes because of we only see the trees, not the forest.  I write about this in my blog and on my website.

Read the article, “Heart-to-Heart: How to find the four secrets of a happy relationship with your child”

This is one of many articles that I am, and will be, sharing with you.  Informing each line, is the experience of more than 20 years of interaction with children and parents from many countries, the personal experience of a mother of three, and the experience of being a grandmother. Read, share it with your friends and relatives. I will be happy if my experience is helpful to you!

Now is the time when it is especially important for our families to feel unity with each other, the power of love, mutual understanding and support. I hope the page “What to do at home?” will be a useful resource for you.

My husband, despite his busyness, always finds time to edit my texts in English, because he understands the value of childhood and happy family relationships. He became an active participant in the preparation of resources for children and parents, and on the page “What to do at home” – “Visiting a fairy tale” you will also find evidence of his support. From our Hearts to your Heart/ Heart-to-Heart knows no distances.

SAFA: Every person has a heart. Every heart feels love and wants understanding . . .
Mariam, dear, remember, love always creates. Hatred always destroys.     Hatred is like a disease. It always brings destruction and chaos.    My dear, keep in your heart only love.    And remember that there is no power greater than love. (from my novel “GoldenPalace, Way of Ruler”)

With love to you, Olga Verasen

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