My husband and I moved to Charlotte at the end of February. What a beautiful city!
Open, warm and bright. After the snow in Vermont, green grass and flowers seem like a
miracle! We rejoice at the sun and our new home and understand that the home is the
place where we, above all, feel good with ourselves and with each other.

Why “first of all”? Because we can share with others only what is in ourselves … This is
about the relationship that I call “Heart-to-Heart”

My husband and I just go ahead and create what is important for our lives. When we hear
the questions, “How did you make this decision and move like that . . .” we smile back and
answer that this is the place where it feels good. So it is . . .

Our life is always a choice.
Either we honor our right to choose and so create our own life, or we transfer this right to
others and live as they see it and consider it necessary and appropriate for you.
“Choosing” is the position of the Master … More about the position of the Master, and

why it is so important to model this for your children, in the article “How to help your
child to be happy and successful”
What’s new? Work continues on a new book which will soon appear in print soon and a
new course for parents “How to create a trusting relationship with your child”
And that’s not all . . .

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With love, Olga Verasen

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