Happiness for children

We, parents, want to see our children successful and happy. It is best when we can teach and provide our children with tools so they can create their own happiness in life. To do so, it is so important to pay attention to feelings . . . Why are feelings so important?

We comprehend the World through our senses. We can hear, see, touch, taste, and smell. These five channels are how our conscious interacts with the World. 

Our feelings, the complex interaction of our senses, form emotions that create who we are and our uniqueness. However, even though we are uniquely different based on our emotions, each of us is formed from a common foundation. The best feelings create wonderful emotions, such as Joy, Inspiration, Gratitude, and Love . . .

If we want to create our best emotional self, we need to nurture ourselves with the best feelings. It is like colors. To create a wonderful painting, we need to have vibrant, varied and beautiful colors on our palette. What can we create if we only have a small selection of dark colors? The best emotions come from a rich pallet of feelings. Emotions create the basis of thoughts, thoughts determine our actions and our actions drive results. We create the foundation of Happiness in our life from the first step–feelings.

Feeling–Emotion–Thinking–Action–Result* .  .  .

Nature gives us the template to develop feelings. Sunrise, the color of butterfly wings, the sound of rain, the singing of birds, the rustle of leaves, the smell of the sea, the fragrance of flowers, the taste of orange honey, the warm rays of the sun on our face. If a child perceives the World with all their senses and develops feelings of warmth and wonder, then our child will mirror the bright, warm, broad and wonderfully talented World.  Our child will then have the foundation to create similar positive results for a happy life.

We, parents, can teach our children to see our wonderful World in all its diversity and use nature to teach them to choose the best feelings for themselves. Feeling–Emotion–Thinking–Action–Result . . . 

(from book “Magic Fairy Tale for children & parents” ©) >

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