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About Fairy Tales . . . 

When do people ask me, “How do you create fairy tales?” I just answer “I just feel them with my heart!” They ask me again “But seriously? What is technology?”
Hmm . . . What about technology?

First comes the fairy tale itself . . . Then I start creating illustrations. I sketch each page on sheets of paper. Then I pull wet “watercolor” paper on a special panel and squeeze it under pressure for some time. Then I transfer the sketch to this base and start drawing.

Watercolor is an amazingly beautiful technique and, at the same time, very complex. But it is she who, in combination with pastel, allows me to convey the amazing lightness and variety of colors of our Nature. When I take a brush and colors in my hands, I render it in an amazing world in which my heroes live and I live in this world with them . . . Each book is like a trip to an amazing world where fairy tales live. More about Fairy Tales on the page Fairy Tales >

You know . . . I think that each of us is a storyteller! You just need to carefully observe and listen . . . And you will hear fairy tales . . . They are always there! And more . . . Our children know this. Just ask them about this. Our children know a lot about the amazing technology of making a fairy tale. Just ask them 🙂

So, welcome to the wonderful World of Fairy Tales!

With love Olga Verasen

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