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We create our own Happy Home. All the things that we create with our own hands have a special warmth. It isn’t necessary to learn complex techniques either.

You can always use the magnificent design and materials that Nature herself has created. If you add to this bits and pieces easily found at a creativity store, you can create a masterpiece!

It can be a great excuse to invite friends to visit you because Happy Home is the house where Joy lives . . . When you give Joy to someone, your home becomes even happier. Everything that we create with our own hands brings a special warmth to our home . . . When I listen to the question “How can I do it?” I usually answer. “Just try it!” it’s really very simple. Because there is one basis in everything.

First, find what brings you joy in your heart . . . If there is joy in our heart, then it gives us the energy to find new ideas and implement them. Time can somehow stretch when we are doing what we love 


The second is creativity. Creativity helps us to see our uniqueness. Creativity is the basis of development. More about creativity on pages Creativity > and Family creative classes >

The third is the active position. Yes! Just do it! Yes! No need to wait for inspiration from the outside, we need to find it in ourselves . . . We can see it as soon as we see our uniqueness and value. Joy and creativity will help this (see above 🙂)

You know . . . These are not just words . . . This is my life experience. I taught this to my children and always tried to convey this to my students. These skills help create our Happy Home and also a happy life.

We can start to do it every moment . . .

With love Olga Verasen

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