Everyone creates at every moment of time . . . We can create our best . . .

Nature always gives us a wonderful example of creativity through its own continuous development and improvement. This is the evolutionary process that is the basis for the development of life on Earth.

Our creativity is the driver for continuous development and improvement. Family and children’s creativity are so important because when we pay attention to it, we develop our desire for improvement.

When we combine creativity with Nature, we create the basis for harmonious development. Nature in our world is the most wonderful example of harmony.

All my books, paintings, and creativity classes always support the value of Creativity being one with Nature. Now I want to draw attention to another important idea . . . 

From the manuscript “How can I find happiness for my Child?” © >

Positive emotions derived from creativity develop freedom in ourselves and open the amazing potential and talent that is in each of us. . . 
To be happy, It is essential to learn how to create. Sometimes, as we go about our daily activities, we don’t notice that we are gradually becoming robots. We become re-active and habit-based. By adding a little more creative practice to our life… It can be a painting, a design from natural materials, a toy, a cake, a dinner . . . we break our habits and invite creativity into our lives.

Creativity gives wonderful emotions, such as joy, gratitude, inspiration, love. . .

Feelings – Emotions – Thinking – Actions – Result*. 

At the same time, positive creativity can’t be measured for how accurate it is or judged for composition, forms, or any other objective criteria. It can only be measured by the happiness in your heart.

We can only give what we have. . . When we create more happiness and harmony in our hearts through creativity, we are presenting a wonderful gift to ourselves, to our family and to everyone we interact with.

Creativity is a special language of communication, which is understandable to everyone. Creativity is an especially important language for the development and strengthening of family relations. Everything that is created together, by parents and children or grandparents and grandchildren, always has a special place in the family. Home decorations, gifts, toys and much more, created with their own hands together with their parents is of great emotional value.

Creativity creates an excellent foundation for happiness in the family. When children grow up, they will continue to value creativity as a tradition in their families.

©  Olga Verasen