About black lines for children, which we sometimes notice

(From the manuscript of the book “Where can I find Happiness for my child?” ©)

I took out the top sheet from a folder “Coloring Pages for Children 3+”, but seeing it, I didn’t immediately hand it to the 4-year-old girl . . .

“Wait a moment,” I said and picked up a blank sheet of paper.   Laying it on top of the original, I traced a thin line from the outline of the picture. It was not difficult to do – the thick black lines of the original were quite visible! The girl looked at my copy and asked, “What about the other one?”
I showed her the original. The girl looked at the first sheet then the second, and chose the thin-lined picture . . .

Of course, it is not only black lines on a coloring page that creates needless boundaries.  The actions that limit our child may be different. But how often do we parents, without noticing it, impose restrictions onto a child?  Even in seemingly innocent cases . . . Have you watched your child coloring inside thick black lines?

  • When we remove thick black lines form their coloring pages, we help our child create without limitations.

We can only share what we have within

Take a look around . . .
How many children are afraid to speak out, afraid of by rules and expectations . . .
How many teenagers express themselves by desperately breaking the rules and expectation. . .
How many adults are afraid to improve their lives just because they see the black lines of restrictions surrounding them and are afraid to step over them . . .

We can only share what we have within . . . When we try to please others, we develop a fear of challenging the limits that we, or others, create for us.

I will be writing about limitations and how to get rid yourself and your child of them, in more than one blog post. And now again about the coloring. 

What will help your child not to create limitations in life

(From the manuscript of the book “Where can I find Happiness for my child?” ©)

The drawing was bright and cheerful. It didn’t matter that the whale’s bright blue back and the bright blue ocean were the same color, and the pencil coloring had jutted outside the drawn lines. What was important was something else – the girl looked at her drawing with bright, joyful eyes . . . 


Picture “Joy”
Take a blank sheet of paper, add bright multi-colored pencils or pastel crayons, and draw! No matter what, just the doing of it is much more important . . .
Just enjoy the process of drawing. Invite your child to join you. Invite your whole family and draw together! The bigger the sheet of white paper, the better! We create our own world . . .

The value of the practice

Develops a:
– trusting Heart-to-Heart relationship with your child
– Master’s Position

  • When we help a child develop and sustain joy in their heart, we help them remove limitations. By removing limitation they realize their own uniqueness and have the courage and faith in their own power.

Resources that will be useful to you

After that conversation with the girl, I created a collection of coloring pages.
These are illustrations from my Family Fairy Tales, where heroes help children realize and develop human qualities that support success and happiness.

You can also find some of these coloring pages as a gift for subscribing to my weekly messages.
In these coloring pages, there is an important feature – the lines are very thin (-:

  • All improvements in our lives are the result of conscious actions. Conscious actions – are the application of knowledge to practice. Just do it!

Happy Parents Practice: Master’s Position

Here you will find the value of the Master’s position and practice, helping to develop this in your child:

With love, Olga Verasen

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