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From the collection “Magic Formular” — “Gust moment of Life”, acrylic, panel

Intelligence and the mind are important,. . . However, to be happy we need to be guided by our “heart”. When we parents raise our children from the “Mind”, even as “wise and loving Teachers,” we raise “Disciples”.  Why are there are so many grown children that don’t know what they want, continue to be students, and are not ready to take responsibility for their lives?

How raising from the heart can to help to you child

Why are these grown children afraid to leave their comfort zone and wait for permission and guidance from their next teacher, colleague, boss, mentor, or guru.  A child must learn to take a “Master’s Position”.  This is when a child actively believes that “I create my life and take responsibility for what I create.” Perhaps, it makes sense to explain how to instill the Master’s Position in your child.

Resource for parents

I have some insights to share on my HAPPY PARENTS PRACTICE page, with an article, “Master’s Position: How to help your child ask the questions that support their own successful and happy life”
With love, Olga

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