About the value of creativity: how creativity helps to save the uniqueness of your child

(Excerpt from the manuscript “Where to Find Happiness for Your Child” ©)

A nanny came up to me, before starting one of my children aged 4-5 classes “World in Me” and quietly said, “I want to warn you. That boy is very stubborn and generally depressed! ” I asked, “Why do you think that?” She answered, “Because he doesn’t want to talk to anyone!”

On this day, my children and I drew a fairy tale about funny little horses that live wherever they like. The boy the nanny spoke of was silent at first, glancing at me from under his eyelashes.  Then he took colored pencils and began to draw…

His little horse ran among the clouds … She had a bright orange tail, and she was yellow with multi-colored round spots on her sides and large blue eyes … The nanny came up behind and said. “That’s not right! Horses are not colorful! ” The boy closed his drawing with his hands and looked at the nanny then at me.

I sat next to him and said, “Wow … Let’s come up with a fairy tale about your beautiful horse?” The boy was silent for a moment, then nodded his head, opened his drawing, and whispered, “You know, she does have a tail like an orange …”

The nanny shrugged and walked away to the side. She saw what she could see … I continued to conduct classes and each time the children became my teachers, impressing me with the depth and beauty of their hearts.

  • Allow yourself and your child to see the colorful world as he wants to see it. A happy person will always have a unique view of the world.

Why did I write first to “yourself” and only then to “my child”? Because we can share with our children only what is in us. And besides, in each, regardless of our age, status, there is also a child. When we feel it in our hearts, we and our children better understand each other.

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And now I want to share with you the practice that I came up with many years ago and which, more than once, helped me in my daily affairs, meetings, and the training. It is easy to learn and I am sure that you, your child will like it and will give joy to your hearts.


The game “Magic Wand”

“You have a magic wand in your hands.” One has only to touch it with what you want to change and this happens. And it doesn’t matter that only you see these changes. After all, this is your Magic Wand!

– Each of us has a magic wand, but we do not always use it. Why? Hmm … The reasons can be different: we forget, we don’t believe and-and … we don’t even know about it.

– The good news is that each of us has a wand, regardless of what we think about it. So just try how it works, and use it or not, then it’s up to you …

So, now about the essence of the game itself.

– You choose something and ask yourself: “What if I change this color?” For example, today is a gray rainy sky, and if it turns … green? Hmm … What would I add to this? “

– Remember! You have a magic wand! You can do anything! You touched the wand of the sky and it turned green like a meadow … But what if you add daisies to it? And if the clouds turn into fluffy lambs that graze in a meadow-sky?

– When you finish your “heavenly design” stop for a moment and feel … yourself. Where do you feel joy, and where does the critic sit with his endless remarks? Do not scold him.

– “He, your critic, can simply see what he can … And this is today … and another time, everything can be different.” Just praise yourself.Find for this words that bring joy to you, for example 🙂 “Well done! Great! Great design!”

– Use this practice more often. Choose different objects, objects. It takes only 1-2 minutes to complete the practice, but you will see how this time will be able to open your own world to you, making it more from your own or someone imposed restrictions.

– Play with yourself and your child. Together.

The value of the practice

– helps to see internal limitations and helps to remove that
– develops positivity and the ability to look at the world from the Master’s position
– strengthens the interaction with the child from the heart to heart.

More practices and games for family and also about who the Master is and why it is important to develop his position in free monthly Useful Resources for Parents Journal

From experience . . . At one of the training with a very important and serious topic with a corporate dress code, I felt that I and the participants were getting bored.

The program did not allow me to use art technology and then … my Magic Wand came to my aid. I touched it with all the participants and all of them, regardless of status and age, appeared in bright yellow costumes. Hmm . . . me too.

A few minutes later, the group perked up noticeably. The work went more fun and friendly, and soon I heard: “Olga, it feels like the room has become brighter! Do you know the secret of the coach?” “Yes, I know!” I laughed and shared this practice with the participants.

Try! Teach your child this practice! Play with him! We create our own world.

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I will be happy if my practices: tasks, exercises, and games will become assistants for you and your child in preserving and developing your unique world view.

  • The simple things that we do regularly can make big changes lie.
  • Awareness occurs only when we use theory into practice.

The amazing ribbons of color–red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet . . . wove together into a beautiful bridge!
“It’s a miracle! Thank you so much . . .” Little Fluffy Cloud exclaimed, looking around in awe and wonder.
She wasn’t grumbling anymore. And how could she grumble in the presence of such beauty?
(from the book “Magic Tales for children and parents”)

I hope this article supports you realize how creativity helps to save the uniqueness of your child.

  • Creativity is not a race for results, it is a process during which we realize the uniqueness and beauty of ourselves and each of us.
  • We reveal our uniqueness and allow our talents and abilities to be revealed in all their beauty and strength when we hear own heart.
  • We can hear our heart only when we are in the here and now moment.
  • The creative process helps us to be in the “moment here and now.”
  • Happiness always speaks to us through the heart.
  • Help to learn that to your child . . .

With love, Olga Verasen