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Golden Palace, Way of Ruler

Novel – fairy tale 

* Conventional script design rules have been modified to accommodate transforming the script to a book.

Novel – fairy tale
For family reading, age 9+

This is a fairy tale story about an eastern boy, Ilmi, who follows his Way to find all the keys for the Oneness Circle to enter his Golden Palace and make the whole world happy. This story is about human and family values and also about a dream, happiness, peace, and creating a better world by listening to our hearts . . .
I believe this story will support a bridge of mutual understanding between different generations and cultures. It helps us to understand more deeply that all children on our Earth are our children and that we adults are responsible for what we bring to the world of childhood and what children will create in the world of our Earth’s future.

I lived with my heroes: Ilmi, his family, friends, the villagers, and the other novel’s characters. They helped me to become wiser and have a deeper understanding of the beauty of our world and the wisdom of life.

This novel has an unusual form – that of a film script. It helps readers to become the creator of their own movies, developing imagination and plunging them into the adventures of our heroes.
I am happy to share this story with you. Welcome!
With love Olga Verasen

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Book size 7 “X 10” (18cm X 25.5cm), color printing, paper glossy cover, 480 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9995779-4-3 

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