My lovely husband Joff and I have a big wonderful Family. We live far from each other, but in fact, close because the warmth of the heart doesn’t have distance.

In this post, I want to talk with you about my Mom.
My Mom is 82 years old. She has a lot of difficult moments in her life but she has saved Joy of Life.
She is always thinking about everyone in the family and only after about herself. She supported my wings and freedom of creativity. She helped my own mother’s experience and share with me her love and wisdom.

Today she said to me, “Before when you go, I want to show you something!” She shares with me her first artwork! It is beautiful! And . . . We always begin a new journey!
My Mom always supports me and she always sees a bright and brave little girl in my heart . . . and in her heart too . . .

In my life, there have been many trials and difficulties, but it is this amazing and bright little girl from my childhood with an endless supply of “Why” questions that have helped me to achieve results and joy in my life. She helped me convey this joy of life to my children. This happy girl, who looks at our beautiful limitless world with admiring eyes and feels the same beautiful limitless world in her heart . . .

This girl has retained an amazing sense of the value of family in which there is nothing but love.
For me, as for my mother, the value of family remains one of the most important ones in life. Looking back on my knowledge and life experiences, I understand that each of us parents can always create a wonderful world filled with the best values for our children, regardless of any difficulties. In this world, there are no borders, and no one can take this world away from you, because the world is in our heart and can be in the hearts of our children.

It is this world that will help our children create their happy life, their happy families and the best creation with a close connection with the whole world . . . Sometimes I hear, “Olga! When will you slow down? ”I laugh,“ Never! I love my life, my family and I appreciate it in each of you. This is my life and I love what I do.”

My Mom inspires me. The power of Love and the ability to preserve the Light of the Heart, despite all the trials in life that she met . . . I am proud that I am her daughter . . .

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