I am working with my “Golden Ratio” art collection. This is a new step in developing an art technique that helps to explain what I want to share with you.

Our world has an amazing golden proportion. You can see it everywhere. Our perception of beauty is dependant on our Golden Ratios. World culture including architecture, music, and art also relies on it. The Golden Ratio supports our world’s harmony.

For many years I have been exploring how to share sunlight from colors, especially from acrylic paints. Acrylic has great potential because of carries bright colors However, these paints are complicated to apply to the process of making art because of how quickly they dry. So, preparing the surface becomes very important.

How can we capture light and energy from each color? How do we prepare traditional canvas surfaces to illuminate colors and mitigate drying speed? I had these and many others question . . . For answers, I have used as primary resources the art guide of Golden and Liquitex paint’s production companies, from active artists wise advice, and drawing from my own experience.

I hope the result helps me share with you what my heart wants to say, “We people have one home – Earth, we are a part of nature, and everyone from us has the amazing potential of humanity. It is Beaty and Harmony of Life.

This is not only the artist’s result. I am very grateful to my lovely husband Joff for his amazing support, wisdom, and patience.
Warm wishes, Olga

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