“Magic Fairy Tales for children & parents” series


The first book for Family reading includes seven fairy tales from the series “Happy Home” and “Planet ‘Big Heart”.

When you open the pages of the book, you will meet Bluebell, Ladybug, Butterfly, Bunny, Hedgehog and the many other heroes. They explore our amazing world and show what is important for happiness and success in life. 

This book will be available on August. Welcome!

(8.5″ x 11″, 60 pages / Ebook)


Fairy tales from the book:

“Happy Home”


“In our amazing, wonderful World there stands an amazing, wonderful house with big-eyed windows. This house is called Happy Home.

Happy Home is perched on a hill. Nearby is a garden, opening onto a big meadow, and a little further on lies a lake bordered by a forest.

Happy Home has many neighbors! There are squirrels, rabbits, birds, hedgehogs, butterflies, bumblebees and many other inhabitants of the meadow, lake, and forest. They are very friendly!

When spring comes, Happy Home loves to warm his walls in the sun. He enjoys listening to bird songs and seeing the new leaves as they appear and grow on the trees.

When summer comes, Happy Home loves to smell the scent of colorful flowers, watch the pretty butterflies flitting in the meadow, and listen to grasshopper play the little green violin.

Happy Home also likes autumn. He is full of joy upon smelling the wonderful aroma of ripe apples. He loves to listen to raindrops drumming on his roof and watch the leaves on the trees change color.

When winter comes, Happy Home loves to feel the frosty fresh air. He listens to the silence and watches in peace as the white fluffy flakes of snow blanket everything.  

In this Happy Home live Fairy Tales… Yes, yes! Fairy Tales! They are all so different: big and small, funny and serious. The Fairy Tales look like marvelous, bright, singing birds. Their wings sparkle in the sun with all the colors of the rainbow.  Where do they come from? No one knows.  The Fairy Tales know many amazing stories about Happiness and they share their stories as a gift to everyone on Earth.” . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

“Bluebell’s song”


Ding-dong, dee-ding!” Bluebell rang softly.

Little Spider wiggled his legs and woke up.

Usually, he got up later, but today his sweet morning sleep had been interrupted. Just beside him, someone rang a bell. “Dee-dong!” Then, after a pause, it rang again. “Ding-dee-dong!”

Little Spider covered his head with his thin little paws, curled up into a ball, and moaned, “I want to sleep!” But again he heard an even louder “Ding-dong! Dee-dong-dong!”

Little Spider leaned out from under the big leaf and exclaimed, “Oh! My beautiful web!” Bluebell was caught in the fine threads of his spider’s web. The wind swayed Bluebell’s blue bright head, causing him to sing out.

“Hey! You woke me up!” Little Spider said discontentedly.

 “I’m sorry, I don’t know how it happened,” said Bluebell, and added embarrassedly, “Hello!”

 “Hello, hello,” Little Spider grumbled, wanting to hide himself under the large leaf, but stopped and asked, “Maybe I can help you?” . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

“Bunny’s dream”

Bunny small

“Little Bunny was dreaming of a Big Carrot. 

He hid under an old fir tree and thought, “When I have my Big Carrot, I’ll munch on it for a long, long time. I’ll never give my wonderful Big Carrot to anyone!”

He sighed and closed his eyes, “Oh… When will summer come? If only it would start sooner. I want my delicious Big Carrot so much! Mmm-mm… it’ll probably be really sweet!”

Little Bunny, in fact, has never seen or tasted such a carrot. But Bunny’s mom has told him about the beautiful Big Carrot, so Little Bunny can’t wait until the weather finally warms up and then, he imagines, from over the hill, the long-awaited Big Carrot will appear.

Little Bunny likes to daydream about his Big Carrot, each time a little differently. “Maybe my Big Carrot will be round. No! Better yet maybe it’ll be very long, so long that I can’t even see its leaves!”

 Little Bunny said to himself. “Ooh, it’ll be so crunchy and juicy! Mmm, I can almost taste it — it’s so delicious!” he squeaked with delight. Little Bunny didn’t realize that he had started to speak his thoughts out loud.

“What are you talking about?” he heard a voice say.

Little Bunny jumped in fright, pulling his ears over his head with his paws. Carefully peeking out, he saw a gray Little Mouse who was gnawing a dry blade of grass and looking attentively at him.” . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

“Lady Bug & Seven Sports”

Lady BugEbook small

“Yesterday Ladybug learned to count to seven. Her friend Ant taught her.

It all started when Ant looked at Ladybug’s back and said, “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven! Hmmm . . . ! You have seven spots on your back!”

Ladybug looked into a droplet of dew to see herself, and also saw the seven spots on her back.

“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven!” she repeated and then asked. “Why are there only seven?”

“I don’t know!” replied Ant. “But tomorrow I can ask my friend, big fluffy Bumblebee. Bumblebee flies far and wide and can find answers to any question!”

“Wonderful, thank you very much!” said Ladybug excitedly. “I’ll be waiting for you!” She really wanted to know why she had seven spots on her back.

Today Ladybug woke up very early, washed her face with dew, spread her small wings and expectantly flew to the meadow. She fluttered down onto a large white daisy and waited for her friend Ant. Ladybug looked down at the path on which Ant usually walked and exclaimed loudly, “One, two, three! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven!” She really wanted everyone to know that she had seven spots on her back, so she shouted once more, “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven!”

In order to see her friend Ant sooner, Ladybug flew to a tree that grew in the middle of the meadow. She sat down on a leaf, neatly folded her soft wings, and began to count again: “One, two, three . . .”

“Hey . . .  what have you forgotten?” an angry voice buzzed beside her.” . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

“Fluffy Cloud”

CloudEbook small

“Little Fluffy Cloud was cleaning the sky as she always did. Today, she looked at the early morning smudges that required her attention, and grumbled, “The sky is so big and I am so small! How can I clean it? This job is so hard for me!”

She stopped for a minute, looked around, and thought, “Maybe Wind can help me.” But Wind was nowhere to be found. Feeling sorry for herself, Little Fluffy Cloud sighed and started to work again — slowly.

Sun woke up, saw Little Fluffy Cloud, and said cheerfully, “Good morning!”

Little Fluffy Cloud answered, “Maybe for some people the morning is good, but for others, it isn’t!” She began to clean the sky so forcefully that it was a wonder a hole didn’t appear.

“Is it so hard to clean our sky?” Sun asked, smiling.

“Yes! Because the sky is so big and I’m so small!” Little Fluffy Cloud muttered.

“When you don’t think about it, you can do everything that needs to be done very easily.” Sun smiled and spread her warm rays more brightly in the morning sky.

“It would be better if someone helped me!” complained Little Fluffy Cloud, looking around.

Rising higher and brighter in the sky, Sun said, “When you expect help, you get angry if it’s late or never comes.”

Little Fluffy Cloud sighed, “But my work is hard, and there’s so much of it!”

“Are you tired?” Sun asked and gently stroked Little Fluffy Cloud with her soothing rays.

“Not really. It’s just that the sky is so big, and I’m so small! It’s so much work for me!” Little Fluffy Cloud repeated stubbornly.” . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

“Teddy Bear & Rain”

Teddy BearEbook small

“Teddy Bear always cries when it rains. Whenever raindrops start falling from the sky, Teddy Bear becomes very sad. From his eyes, round as buttons, one by one the tears begin to fall. The teardrops leave thin tracks on Teddy Bear’s soft wool, as they run down his cheeks and gather at the tip of his nose, from there drip-drop-dripping to the ground.

Today a gray cloud again appeared in the sky. For a long time, it hung over the forest, then floated into the middle of the sky. Soon small rain droplets started falling down on the land. It was beginning to rain.

“Oh-oh-oh. Again the sky is crying. Oh-oh-oh. I need to help!” Teddy Bear thought for a moment, then he ran quickly to his favorite place on the shore of the lake. “The sky always cries when it starts raining,” Teddy Bear anxiously puffed, as he settled himself under the tree.

“It’s very sad to cry alone. It’s much better to cry with someone else. So I will help the sky!” thought Teddy Bear. Sighing, he began to remember sad stories to make himself cry.

“Oh-oh-oh! Yesterday Ant got stuck between two pine cones. Oh-oh-oh! And the little striped Beetle, who lives under the old stump, froze in the morning and probably caught a cold,” Teddy Bear sighed.  The first tears rolled down to the tip of his nose, drip-drop-dripping to the ground. He looked at the sky compassionately. “Yes, yes, it’s all so sad, our neighbor the Woodpecker screamed yesterday. Probably, someone offended him. It’s so hard for all birds. They need to fly all the time. Oh-oh-oh,” Teddy Bear blubbered. He looked again at the sky, wiped his nose and continued to find everyone else’s problems.” . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

“Colorful World”

Colorful World small

“Paper lay on the table and sighed, looking at itself with pleasure from all sides. “Oh, I’m so beautiful … I’m so white!” she said. Next to Paper lay a new box. Paper saw the box and thought in surprise, “Hmm . . .  What is this? Yesterday there was nobody near me . . . “

In this new box Colors and Brush live. Brush is very quiet, but Colors are actively curious. Colors begin to jump in the box. “Oh, what are you doing?!” Brush quietly exclaimed. “We want to see what’s out there!” – Colors answered and began to jump even higher. The box opened, and Colors peeks out . . .

“Wow . . . It is so beautiful . . .  I want draw it so much!”  Colors shouted in glee and again started to bounce up and down excitedly. “Oh-oh, be careful . . .”, Brush whispered. “Why?” Colors asked indigently. “Oh-oh… I think you are being too loud . . .” Brush said shyly.

Colors wanted to say something but just then they saw Paper next to them on the table and greeted her saying, “Hello! Wow . . .You are so beautiful … And it’s so wonderful that you have so many white sheets! We can draw on your sheets with our beautiful colors!   

Paper looked at the Colors and snorted, “What?! Draw on my beautiful white sheets?! I will never give you even one wonderful sheet! Never!

“Why?” asked Colors in confusion.” . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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With love Olga Verasen

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