For parents & children
Do you know why these Fairy Tales are magical?
Because they reveal our amazing, wonderful, and beautiful world where we all live.
These Fairy Tales share with you wise stories illustrating how to be happy.
Yes-yes! Fairy Tales can do this . . .
They help us to believe in our dreams, our strengths, our uniqueness, and the uniqueness of everyone who lives on our Earth.

For parents

Why do some flowers close their petals at night, while others don’t?
Why are leaves green?
Why do some things grow big and others stay small?

There some Ladybug’s questions. You can create a lot of your own questions with your child and then find to answers them. The skills to create own questions and find the answers on them are basic of the Master position. More about the Master position and how that support successful and happy you can read here.

The questions about Nature have a special value. When the inner world is inspired by beautiful emotions triggered by wonderful feelings from our sensory perception of Nature, we create the conditions for a beautiful result.

In your membership account, you have Audio Fairy Tales from the book “Magic Fairy Tales”. Each Fairy Tale models the Heart-to-Heart values of respect, gratitude, honesty, and love, in unity with Nature. You can also create your questions!

Gently questioning your child as, and after, you read Heart-to-Heart fairy tales will be an awakening experience. Listen and marvel as your child expresses feelings and insights that are unfiltered by the limiting pressures that our society gradually imposes. Seeing these Fairy Tales through the eyes of your child reinforces your child’s value and uniqueness, creating “Heart-to-Heart” family bonds.

Discuss these fairy tales with the intent of learning, not teaching! Read, listen, and be active! Ask the questions and explore the answers. Trade with your child the role of storyteller and create your own options to develop these fairy tales.

Below are examples of questions to the fairy tale “Happy Home”. Use and expand on as you develop a Heart-to-Heart relationship with your child.

“Happy Home” from the book “Magic Fairy Tales for children and parents”
  • Why is the hero called Happy Home? What gives you happy feelings?  When do you feel happy? What you can add for yourself to be happier? How I and you can support our family to be happier? How you can support your friends to be happier? What support from nature is important to be happier?

  • Why are Happy Home and his neighbors so friendly? What do you know about Happy Home’s neighbors? What do you think is important for friendship? How can you support your friends? What is important for you about your friendships?  How can you develop a friendly relationship with nature?

  • What do you like about Happy Home and the seasons’ spring, summer, autumn, and winter? What are Happy Home’s neighbors doing in each season? What do you like about each season? Why is each season is very important for nature?

  • Why do Fairy Tales love Happy Home? How do Happy Home and Fairy Tales take care of each other? How do you take care of yourself? How do you take of our family? How you take care of your friends, extended family, neighbors, and others?

  • Why are Fairy Tales grateful to Happy Home? Why is it important to be grateful? For what are you grateful?  To yourself?  To your family? To your friends?  To others?  To nature?

I hope the questions about the fairy tales help you and your child to connect more deeply with the fairy tale heroes! Welcome to fairy tales!
With love, Olga