“Golden Palace, Way of Ruler”  

A book
This story illuminates the best human and family values and the ability to listen to one own’s heart.
10-year-old Ilmi follows his dream and searches his Way to Golden Palace to make the whole world happy. However, Abir’s strange hatred and cruel revenge haunt him and his family, until . . . unexpectedly she helps Ilmi to find much more . . .
— feature
— multi-series

In January my new book "Golden Palace. Way of Ruler" will be published. Welcome!

From the author

During a tourist trip, I saw three children in a small village in the desert playing with sand. I am also a mother of three. In the morning I began to write the novel “Golden Palace, Way of Ruler”. This is a fairy tale, but it is based on real stories of people who began to come into my life from different Eastern countries. They amazed me with their heart beauty and life wisdom but, and also . . . pain. Their stories became the heroes of my novel.

I wrote this story twice, first in Russian as a novel, and then in English as a screenplay. While looking for a translator at the London Book Fair, I met my future husband Joff instead. I learned English and created two versions – one for a multi-series, the other for a full-length film. My husband Joff edited it. He feels very deeply what I want to say to you as a writer. But in fact, this story has only one language. It is the language of the heart . . .

I will be happy when this story helps build bridges of mutual understanding between different cultures and support all to find the golden seeds of wisdom in our world that open love and peace in the heart. We have one birthplace – our Earth. We have one pace – Human. We have one power – Love. We have the right to pursue Happiness.
With love, Olga Verasen

About the novel

“Golden Palace, Way of Ruler” book – screenplay

Look inside

Conventional script design rules have been modified to accommodate transforming
the script to a book.

Illustrations: acrylic on panel & graphic by the author

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