“Golden Palace, Way of Ruler”  


multi-series movie & screenplay-book

If I was asked to choose only one my story for a movie, I would choose “Golden Palace, Way of Ruler.”

This story is about a young Eastern boy who follows his Way to find all the keys for the Oneness circle to enter his Golden Palace and make the whole world happy.

All families on our Earth create a foundation for the future of their children. Each family wants to create a wonderful foundation for their children’s happiness.   My story is about a dream, happiness, and peace. It is about creating a better world by listening to our heart. I believe that this story will become significant for many people because everyone on Earth has the right, desire, and capacity for happiness.

Events take place in Eastern country and they are based on the stories of real people from that region. Why I chose a Middle Eastern country is explained in my script.

I believe this story, about a boy and his family, will help people to understand more deeply that all children on our Earth are our children and that we adults are responsible for bringing them through the world of childhood.

I believe that this story will become a bridge of mutual understanding between different generations and cultures.

I lived this story with my heroes: Ilmi, his family, friends, the villagers and other colorful characters that came to life. They helped me to become wiser and have a deeper understanding of the beauty in our world and the wisdom of life. As an author, I hope I am able to convey these beautiful qualities to you.

This story is a smaller version of my original manuscript. Both this screenplay and my novel, have many opportunities to add new stories because the family themes and characters can be further developed.

Also, I hope the book “Golden Palace, Way of Ruler” will be published soon.

“Golden Palace, Way of Ruler” >>>

In January my new book "Golden Palace. Way of Ruler" will be published. Welcome!
“Golden Palace. Way of Ruler”

This is our Earth and our Home . . .  

With love Olga Verasen

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