About discipline and consciousness: Immunity of the Heart

Yes, discipline is important.

– The first is to create a rhythm for the day through a routine of activities.

– Then, step by step, support it to realize what you want and also develop consciously “How” and “Why” you want it.

Discipline supports a strong character. But like everything, it needs to be appropriate with the child’s age, and understanding that “the best is to teach how to find a fish, rather than give a fish”.

Yes, discipline is important but the best when it comes from the inside, from the heart, supporting the immunity of the heart. Meaning it is best when we adults support children to develop their own skills of discipline in their own life. They develop consciousness of choice and responsibility “What and Why I create in my Life”

The culture of thinking bases on immunity of the heart.

It is a long time process that also helps us parents to be patient tach seeds need time and support. The tree can grow from a small seed.

Also, following the “We can see what we can” means it is not necessary for everyone can see the same. Sometimes parents are inspired to support and give the best for a child but teach them to see the World from their own eyes. Ok, today it will be good eyes of parents but tomorrow the child will follow to see the World from the eyes of others but don’t see from own.  Why? Because, we parents “help” to child create the skills to be followers, but not creators.

Another side when parents, wishing to give the best for a child, take the Joy out of childhood even as they wish the best for their child. “It is like placing a Mountain of wisdom on the gentle child’s shoulders. By applying our wisdom, we adults can stop the ability for our child to open their own wings.

This why I always saw that the biggest value in parenting is to save a balance between our own wisdom and saving the freedom of your child’s consciousness to choose based on the Joy of collaboration and knowledge. It is a deeply gentle process for both sides: children and adults.

Our adult activity always sounds loudly as our words. Our examples always sound the same because we “sharing can share of what we have”.

From Golden Palace, Way of ruler

ICRAM. Trees give to others and never ask for anything in return.

ILMI. Why?

ICRAM. Because trees love us . . .

ILMI. Can we love as trees?

ICRAM. We are learning to love . . .

ANCIENT MAN. Joy without Love, Gratitude, and Character deprives people of responsibility. Gratitude without Joy, Love and Character turns people into slaves.  A character without Love, Joy, and Gratitude is a condition that creates war.   Love without Joy, Gratitude, and Character turns people into tyrants.   Everything is interconnected in life.

Ok, what will be the real first step?

Just find the child in yourself and see the same child in your child. The one that wants to be together with your child. Just a child, only with the wisdom that you now have. This is the amazing child in yourself that everyone has.
Ask the child in yourself “What do you want to do and Why? And then… listen yourself. Not for someone “be good” just for yourself in your heart. Heart to know.

When we learn how ask yourself “What and Why I create” question and then honesty found the answer on this question for yourself we develop own consciousness based on human values that create the Immunity of the Heart.

Then ask you child same question “What do you want and Why?”
When we lean to listen yourself we can learn how to listen to your child.
When we learn how find the answer on the question in your hear we can share this skills with you child.

“Ok, but “What and How” questions take the time. I need to response now, because I can to do if my child don’t want to do…that and that, and that… So?”, maybe you want to say 🙂

Back again to first step…
With love Olga Verasen