Creativity and communication:
how found the balance of encouragement

Talking about nurturing Creativity… Creativity is a conversation with our own Inner World from the Heart.

Creativity from the heart is based on Inspiration and is a very gentle process.

Give space to yourself and to everyone engaged in this process. Be respectful. Creativity is a sacred space when we gain contact with our own Heart where there are no boundaries and no limits. Creativity is our Universe inside and is our Unity with the Universe. This also a process to develop the communication skills through balance: where we are in unity with each other and every one of us is unique.  It is like a candle flame. . . . 

This is why is very important to respect the Kingdom of Creativity that is within everyone. Understanding this sacred space, be attentive as to the comments you share with yourself and with other, about your and their Creativity. There are many stories of famous artists, writers, and other creators having their inspiration destroyed for years from outside comments. Just think of all the amazing creativity lost to so many, by comments. 

Any comment can disrupt inspiration and close the doorway to creativity and conversing with our own heart. 

Why do comments   douse the flame of Creativity?  A comment is created from one’s own vision as every one of us can only see what we can see,  and can only share what we have inside. It isn’t about being negative or positive, it is only one own point of view.  What is intended and accepted as positive by someone can easily be seen as negative by another. Even when we wish the best, comments can extinguish the flame of Inspiration:

– like a strong Wind: our advice, based on our experience and wisdom

– like water: our review and criticism from our point of view.

– like a cover that blocks oxygen:  our supportive care, and supportive advice

 Where is the exit? How can we gently support Creativity?

– comment only when someone asks it of you

– always soften your feedback by acknowledging that it is only one point of view

– when someone asks you a question like “What do you think about it?” before when you answer, ask him the first same question “What do you feel about it yourself”. . . and listen.

Of course, all questions and cases are different but Creativity has value when we create Beauty from the Heart with Joy.

Even your contact with a child and also each Creativity process open a child in adults.

Be gentle as a soft Wind that supplies the fresh air of gentle encouragement and supports personal creativity to flourish from the creator’s Heart. How does it? Just open Your Own Way to the World of Creativity from the Heart with Respect, Honest, Gratitude, and Love.  When you notice your unique Way you notice the Way of others. We can see what we can. We can share what we have.